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Monday, June 25, 2007

Melissa and my dad!

Melissa is getting to stay with my parents this week(all the kids are going to take turns:) ). Anyways, when my kids are around my parents, they always come back smarter than when they left us!
So, here's the latest story on Melissa. My dad wrote me this morning and shared this one..."And this Melissa! What a hoot. She told me the Knock Knock joke about Orange you glad I didn’t say banana.
I said Knock Knock, (who’s there), Banana, (banana who), Banana you glad I didn’t say Orange.
Her reply: That makes no sense at all. And I didn’t even have to think.
(I had told here that if you keep saying 6+6 equals 12, you don’t even have to think about it. You just know it. . . . . . She was listening.)"
I love it!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Juice Plus

This is my personal website if you ever need to order juice plus. It provides 17 fruits and vitamins and they will help our immune system heal and heal quickly. We are taking it now and will let you know the differences we feel and see. These supplements are taken instead of our regular vitams! They also have protein shakes and fiber snacks that help curb appetites. They also have vitamins for dogs with health issues.

Matthew is turning TWO!

Matthew is getting bigger every day! I can't believe he is turning two this Saturday. Katie says we need a cake. We are celebrating in Houston this year! Happy Birthday Matthew!

Hannah Montana

The new craze at our house is "When can we watch Hannah Montana?" It used to be that no one in our house new what time shows were on, but we have now joined the ranks of big Miley Cyrus fans. Hope it doesn't get out of hand, but Katie wants to invite her over to our house!! It's cute!

Collecting Things

Katie each day says a new thing that she will "collect". Today it was popsicle sticks...when I inquired why, she said--I want to be a doctor and you know when the doctor says ...say ahhhh, I want to have the popsicle sticks. The day before it was key chains, the day before that it was bones. We told her bones collect bugs, so she changed her mind! Whew!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Homeschool is officially done!

Katie has finished her first grade year in The Bull Academy! She is now reading and writing and adding/subtracting and sometimes multiplying! Melissa has finished her preschool year--which involved learning the alphabet and more! She can add, thanks to Papa Jack's skill set!! She worked through a binder this year and she loved it! Our kids amaze us every day! Where did they get their brains?! Melissa will start her kindergarten year in the fall and Katie her second year. Matthew and Mark will be doing preschool work and listening to Katie and Melissa's Bible Stories and literature and history and science! Boy, they are going to be geniuses too!! It seems that all of the Bull clan and Cox clan grandkids are blowing our minds!!

Prestonwood VBS

The kids are loving VBS! They go to Prestonwood's every year, and go from 9-12 for a week. The volunteers are awesome to give their time and energy to the kids and we love them for it!
They get to ride a train, go to a petting zoo, go to "Big" service, play games, sing songs, dance in a Baptist church!-Yeehaw!, learn scripture verses, learn good habits to do because they love Jesus, do crafts and eat snacks!! Matthew gets to stay home with mommy or run errands with me~!