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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mark's week

Since my kids are home schooled, we have some liberties...such as---each one of my kids get to take a week by themselves and go visit my parents.  It's a time that my mom and dad enjoy spoiling just one kid.  They are such great grandparents.  They love their grandkids and love to see them by themselves...their personalities shine through when they are alone, away from brothers or sisters.  My kids look forward to their time with Mimer and Papa.  Mark got to go to NASA during his time---my dad works for a company that contracts for NASA, so there are some perks!!  Mark loved learned about space. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Katie's Birthday Party

 party favors...most in Texas shape, two in circles.  We made these the day before the party.
 fruit filled waffle way to serve fruit and pretty...we dipped the cones in extra frosting!  Yum!

 The ones we made before the party!!
 The ones the girls made plus ours.

 We had the boy cousins drop by and had them stay plus a new friend of Mark and Matthew's and their cupcakes--they did not make birds!! ha!  Boys will be boys!!

We all had a great "bird-day party"!!!  Happy 12th!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Matthewism again...

 He fills up a balloon with water(very tiny size) and ties it...he says, "Mom, it's secure now, so if I drop it, it won't leak." *drop*, *water on the kitchen floor*..."Well, that wasn't in my mind!!" A very confused Matthew picks up the balloon disappointingly!! No, I didn't stop him or get was tiny and very well worth the wasn't in my mind comment!!! Well said!
  another Matthewism...looking up this morning at John, who just came in from basketball, Matthew is doing math multiplication facts(no, I'm not an over acheiver--Katie is teaching him, b/c...wait for it...)"Addition is for chumps!" Matthew . Oh, Matthew...just wait, you were only doing single digit addition. Addition is really for CHAMPS!!
 Let me just say, I am a very blessed woman indeed!!  My hubby and I were rearranging our room furniture and I was telling Matthew how lucky I was to marry a man that likes to rearrange things!  Matthew says in reply, "yes, you are a lucky woman!"  It made John and I both laugh!  Well said Matthew! 
Matthew---"Perfect!  You look like an angel," he said this to I was getting ready for a CASA event.  Yes, it was prompted by me asking, "how does my hair look?"    He is a total smoosher!!!