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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Legos

Since moving home from Russia, we have had the privilege of being near family.  Actually, my husband's family all live on one street for now.  Because of this, my kids get to see this side of the family's cousins on a daily basis.  So, when it's raining outside, like it was today, the boys chose legos as their past time.  As I type, I hear them all yelling, no whinning, just a quiet hum of voices while they play with their legos.  No, it's not always this quiet while they play, but it is today and I wanted to capture this on my blog.

February Giveaway!!

Ok, here's another giveaway for you...and I will end it this I can have it shipped to you hopefully by Valentine's Day.

I wanted my giveaways to feature a few of my favorite things and I want to tell you about a newly discovered favorite!  I discovered this pianist on a blog that I visited a couple of years ago.  I think I was in Russia at the time.  I really enjoy all of David Nevue's music.  I am not a musical person;  I've taken piano for a few years, but I've also taken gymnastics and ballet and well, you know...I'm not twinkle toes!!!  I tend to like music with words, but I must say this music stands alone to words needed!  Whoever the winner is will be able to choose one of Mr. Nevue's CD's...and I will have it shipped to you.  So, you may want to go to the link above and go shopping for the one you would like if you are the WINNER!  If you enjoy the music as much as I do, feel free to make your own purchase. 


Leave a comment,
Blog about this giveaway- and comment about your blog post.
leave a comment about what your favorite thing that you might giveaway, if you could.

I will choose a winner with a random number generator and let the winner know by email or facebook, if you are a part of FB.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your email, you can email me on my profile page.  You can find my profile page by going to the About Me section on the blog.  I am so excited about my GIVEAWAYS!!!!!  Winner will be chosen on February 4th---Friday in the later part of the evening!! 
If you are a missionary reading this blog...and win...just send me your stateside address...and you will look forward to it when on furlough:)!

The David Nevue CD of her choice goes to Susan Smoaks!!!!    She chose Piano Hymns--Adoration!  It should be on its way this coming week!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Visit with Aunt Mary and Uncle Vaughn and Joel!

 Here they are playing with MY Grandmother's toys--I think they must have been my dad's or Aunt Mary's as kids!!
 We had so much fun with Joel and his memories of my dad--don't say the P-word(the p-word was PIZZA) dad said this to Joel several years ago, and he still remembers it!!
 Joel was so sweet with the girls...encouraging them in their drawing!
Our group shot #1!!
Group shot #2!

Aunt Mary is my dad's sister and she and Uncle Vaughn have always been such a sweet example of marriage and working together to me!  I love hanging with them!  They love old movies just like us!  I think of my Grandmother Hulda a lot and they often have some fun stories to share as my parents do too!
We drove by their house on our way home from Florida and they made us feel so special and loved!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Day at Disney!!!

We picked up our FREE tickets from my cousin Erin at Epcot-she works at a Japanese Restaurant there.  She was awesome---she even took us over to get a free stroller!! So, we are riding the monorail over to DISNEY-Magic Kingdom!!
 This was tinkerbell in the parade at really can't see it well in this picture but it was beautiful!
 Melissa didn't want to ride any scary rides, so she and I hung together!

 This was an airship ride....circles and me---we don't mesh...but Melissa loved it!
 We ended up going to Disney with our friends from St. Pete, Russia...the Erharts!!!
 Waiting in line wasn't too bad when we had fast passes!

 It's a small world---why do they write Goodbye in English in all the different languages...I think it's funny....why don't they write in the different languages instead of English phonics!

It is always John's goal to get in pictures!

We did go to Disney on MLK there were many many many people...I'm always amazed that I am not a crowd kind of person....I kept thinking while I was there....THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!  It's a great people watching place though, but I don't think it was this crowded when I went as a kid!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Florida Miscellaneous!

 Our place that we stayed at in Florida.  We used points to cover the cost of the place---we have so many because of our Russia travels!!!
 I had the boys put together their lego we could attempt to keep it together...let me say---it's only worked with the Lego white house!!!  But, that's because it's out of reach!!
 This is my Uncle Preston...and the Kitchen Sink!  Another recommended from good ole Kristen!!  It says it feed 4 but we had all our family(minus Katie) plus John's parents and my aunt and uncle and we still didn't finish it!!!  It was heaven for my father in law Lonnie---Ice cream with no end!!
 We visited the beach---haha--it was freezing and Matthew forgot his jacket, hence the only blanket we had in the van got used!!!
We were thinking of our friend Steve when we passed the Daytona Race Track!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

More Fun!

Build your own Mr or Mrs. Potato Head play table.  They even had tinker bell wings for Ms. Potato Head!

This was one of the large stores in Downtown Disney; they had a bit of everything!  Mark loves Star Wars, although we haven't let him watch the movies, we let him play Lego Star Wars a lot and have some of the figures.  Mark spent some of his money on a build your own double light sabor--that even lights up and makes sounds!!  The lady that helped with the light sabor table quickly put together one for each of us for a photo!  She took the photo...she was so nice, she knew we were only buying one and still did all of that for us! 

Lego Land!!!

 Thinking of you Papa Jack!  (He works out by NASA)
 The kids made their own lego people---Matthew made three, the others made one each!  Mimer had given the kids a bit of money to spend while in Florida.  Matthew's was gone when we left LEGO LAND!!  Surprise Surprise!
 Dragon made of legos!!
Behind the girls...all LEGOS!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

When Matthew saw the LEGO store at Downtown Disney!!!!

We were all walking out of the Dino place when John said to Matthew...where do you want to go?  We had seen the Legoland--the reason we wanted to come to D.D., but we wanted to see Matthew's reaction...this is what it was.....RUN!!!  I think it was one of our favorite memories of Florida!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Downtown Disney

 They were looking up at the moving and noisy dinosaur!
 Katie loves science the most of all my kiddos, so this place was really nice for her!
Matthew was a bit taken back by the moving dinos...
This was another recommended stop in our trip to Orlando...because it's FREE and awesome!!!  We loved Downtown Disney...would visit again if we go back.

The Largest McDonald's in the WORLD!!

My cousin and her family were awesome at telling us some things to do in Orlando!  This was our first stop!!  It was huge!!  It had a second floor of video games and climb area!!!  It actually reminded me of the McD's in Russia...they were two stories too...but not quite this large!!! 

Cousin Kristen's

On the way to Florida, we also made a stop in Gulf Shores, Alabama to see my cousin Kristen, her hubby Gene, and her two BIG dogs and one little chihuahua!!!  Kristen's dogs were the nicest dogs ever!  The big ones seemed to think they were the size of the little one!!  When you would sit down, they would try to sit in your lap!!  Katie was in dog heaven!!!  Gene made us shrimp tacos---what a treat!  He's a gourmet chef and we missed Kristen's sister's wedding this fall, which he catered, so he gave us a sample of what he could do!  Yummy!!  My family is from Louisiana and we never tire of seafood!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Houses that I grew up around!

While driving from Texas to Florida last week, we made a pit stop to my ole' hometown!  This is the house I spent 7 years in -in Slidell, Louisiana---from 1.5-8.5....back then it was HUGE!  I'm taller now and everything seems so much smaller!  Funny how things happen!

This was the house of our family friends--The Thompson's.  I spent a few All Saints Day (night) here dunking for apples and eating donuts off a string, while dressed up as a Bible character!  This family was so special to my family, so I had to take a picture...this place was also a place where my whole family baptized each other in their pool-- that had an awesome slide, and where I chipped my front tooth.  Mr. Ted also made our family an egg ornament that hangs on our family Christmas Tree each year.   All the kids are grown up now and none of us live in Louisiana anymore!   Ahhhh...the memories!

Dreaming again....

This is a house that we drive by on our way from the Bulls to the Coxes.  Isn't it cute!?!?!  It's what I would consider our dream house...a house with a porch and detached garage with a separate apartment.  It's always been in our conversations over the years to have a place where missionaries could stay when on furlough.  Now that we have experienced this first hand for a couple of years, it's still in our hearts.  This house is what I would love to be able to build, if we are ever able.  I just thought I show you a tidbit of one of our "dreams."  John and I like to dream, and I feel like I am dreaming again....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Day in Houston!

 All the grandkids on the Cox side

 Uncle Stephen and Aunt Cristina gave my kids a lego version of the White House!  So perfect for my kids!  This is them putting it all together. 

Christmas Dinner-Yummy!!
Notice the completed White House!!!  We have it displayed in the kids room with a picture of Aunt Cristina and Uncle Stephen in front of the real deal!!!