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Monday, June 30, 2008

Diet and Exercise Update for those who have inquired:)

First I have to start by saying, I LOVE to read nutrition by the Bible books, health books, exercise info, but I have to say I am very selfish with my afternoon time (when the kids are having quiet play time) and I don't want to exercise then!!

So, on that note--currently I do not exercise--I just stay as active as a mom does with four kiddos(which is not enough, by the way)---, I am eating most of my carbs(fruits, any type of bread--I don't eat a lot of bread though) in the morning----I read this in a book about Body by God.

I was doing Weight Watchers from September til about April or so, but I find that I am just counting calories with that(which works by the way), but I am not necessarily eating healthy the way the Lord wants me to. You know you can eat small calories to lose weight but not eat the right things. So, I am currently trying to eat smaller portions and eat healthy, but not count calories---I know the things that have higher b/c of doing WW for so long--so this is not done without some knowledge of food. I don't want to be stuck counting for the rest of my life--I want to be disciplined in a Godly way. I am trying this method to see if I have this kind of discipline. I would still like to lose about 10-15(at max) lbs.

This week I should be getting an exercise program called Turbo Jam in the mail. My awesome working out sister in law--Jackie(click on the link to check out the programs available)--has done this program for a couple or more years now and she loves it. She actually teaches it and I have seen this help her and my other sister in law Julie too. So, it's my turn now. I am going to set a goal of doing this work out in the morning so I am not using it in the afternoon time. We shall see how it goes.

So, for all who wondered...there's my update. Thanks for asking!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Movie Review--Belle and The Beast--A Christian Romance

What an amazingly sweet movie!! I just bought this with a coupon from Family Bookstore. I loved it! Check it out at They also have another movie called Overcome out. It looks great too! You can buy it at Family Bookstore or at or at wisenquest.


Matthew has been working through ECI's therapy for about a year or so (this is a service provided for kids under three) and they have a party during the spring time for all the families. We were able to go to this one, and this is our favorite picture from the "Spring Fling." Yes, Matthew did not need any prompting for this! Melissa and Mark would not go near it! Katie touched it, but we didn't get a photo. Thanks Stacy for this photo!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Deep Thoughts!!!

Ok, my friend Crystal just wrote about her bible study and what she has learned from this week's study in her blog and it has got me, I am sharing what she shared and asking you what you think on this topic!

Her basic thought inspired by A.W. Tozer was that God--who created us in His own image--is like us and wants to be loved for who He is--not just what He does for us. I know that I feel this way--I really don't like to be "liked or enjoyed" b/c I do something for someone. I want someone to enjoy me--my personality, my strengths, my thoughts despite my flaws(although God has none of these). So, how do I tell God that He is amazing without just thinking He is amazing for the miraculous things He does for me and others. Do you have any thoughts on this? Could you write out a line or two of praise to Him for who He is in my comment section? I would love some inspiring thoughts of praise to Him.

Here's one of mine... You are the kindest and most comforting friend I know. You never give up on me and always are so smooth in how you change my imperfections without condemnation. I love you!

Ok, even something that He does for me. So, do we praise Him for character traits? Holiness, Loving, Forgiving, Truthful...even some of these involve Him giving to us. Hmm...

So, what are your praise lines and/or your thoughts on this subject. Type away. If you don't know how to leave a comment, just click on the comment link and type your thoughts...then either sign in or pick the button of anonymous and you don't have to sign in. If you do this option, just sign your name in your text so we know who it's coming from.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funny but oh so true thought...

When the boomerang of life hits you, just look who through it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you have a chores chart???

My friend Ginger had a great chores chart that I just copied and pasted our chores into. Ours change throughout the year, so this is our new chart for the summer until our house sells! Click here (I hope it works now:) )to see our google doc for it(if you don't know how to create a google's really easy and available to all who have a google account.) Check it out-try to make your own--if you are a list/chart maker like I am!! Of course, I might have missed some of the things we need to do, but I can always change it!
UPDATE: We are loving the chart--the kids are actually excited to check off their chores!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taking a blog break

Check back next week, as I am taking a bit of a break from blogging because of time or shall I say lack of it in some areas. I need to begin working on clearing out some more things or shall I say "stuff."
Russia status: expecting to hear back about our "invitation" in July(mid). House is still for sale, but we have a renewed hope that it will sell soon. Thank God for His hope that He gives us despite the appearance of things!
Have a great week!

Monday, June 16, 2008

We are BACK!!

We just got back from our "BULL" family vacation! It was lots of fun! We went to Kemah(it's a small version of six flags on a boardwalk facing the ocean(or gulf) or inlet or whatever we were by. It was a blast. Then Saturday we went to Schlitterbahn for the day--wow--let me say SUN!!! We put sunscreen on but we didn't get to Melissa, Mark and Katie soon enough for their second batch. So, they got some sun!! They know now why we emphasize sunscreen even when they go out just in the morning for an hour or so. I will post more, but I just wanted to let you know We are BACK!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Come dream with me! Galveston Beach at Sunset--probably the best picture I have seen of it!!
I will be taking a posting break for a few days, so just dream of beaches while I am away:). Perferably Floridian beaches, but if you 've never been to one, just think of Galveston or one you have been to or seen--I have had the privilege of going to both beaches--so I know what to appreciate!

Take a personality test with me...

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Inspired by Ginger Clark(today) and Amelia Parker(about a year ago)--take the test--why don't you? It takes a couple of minutes and it's fun to see the results(I've taken this three times all separated by about 6 months, and I get Elinor Dashwood each time--must be right, b/c I can never remember what I answered before!

If you take the test, let me know who you are:).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bartering still alive today!!! Well, Swapping!

Have you ever heard of a DVD swap or a paperbackbook swap? I am a member of both and I love it!! You post DVD's and books on these sites and if you find a book or a dvd you want, you just need a credit(which you get by posting 10 items or by sending an item in the mail.) The most a dvd will cost is $1.85 to mail...books differ b/c of the weight. If you have a lot of DVD's or books that you want or have, check these two sites out.

Monday, June 9, 2008

We Planted Trees!!!

We (John-mostly) planted two trees in the backyard yesterday. One is a red oak, one is a purple pear(non-fruit bearing). We also planted flowers in our front "garden." We had the kids helping everywhere! Pictures to follow(as soon as I learn how to download off of our "anniversary/Christmas(2007)" camera!! See updates on Russia too!

Have a great week!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Doughnut Diet????

My hubba sent me a reminder that TODAY is Doughnut day!!! Are Doughnuts in your diet? Well, if you can have one, why not get one free from Krispy Kreme--if you have one in your neck of the woods!!! Check this article out!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Wager--a new movie--have you seen it?

I am a big fan of Candace Cameron(DJ from Full House--back when we were kids) and Kirk Cameron(her brother--that is a sold out believer too!). So, I was on Candace's web page and she mentioned on it that she was in The Wager. So, I want to know--have you seen it? What did you think? I am thinking about buying it or at least watching it--b/c Candace is in it. I do love to support Christian films too! We have many of them and enjoy them with the family!
Don't forget to click on the links to the Camerons' sites. They are fun and very God-driven!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do you know what herbs go with what dish?

My friend found a fabulous post the other day at this site
Here are a few examples...Asparagus- lemon balm, oregano, savory, lemon verbena, parsley, tarragon, lovage.

Beans- basil, marjoram, oregano, savory, spearmint, thyme, bay, coriander, dill, fennel, garlic, mint, rosemary, tarragon, lovage.

Beets- basil, savory, thyme, bay, caraway, dill, sage, tarragon.

Broccoli- basil, rosemary, lovage.

Check out the site for more and thank you Kay!

Our last school activity!!

I will take a picture of our actual one, when we get it hung--we have to finish what is in our two liter first! We will be finishing up school today and tomorrow! Even with home schooling---I treasure my summer time with the kids---it's soooo relaxing after working all year long with them. They play so well together! Well, for the most part:).
What do you do during your "summer time"? I'd love to hear some ideas! I might even post them! Leave me a comment--I just love them!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Aren't kids just the greatest!?

As I am doing my morning coffee(my coffee is my blog reading/check my email time-hehe!) routine, I am listening to my kiddos right behind me playing "house" with minature dolls and of course a car--Mark and Matthew play car house--if you can only imagine! The conversations that go on are is what I am hearing right now. Mark--"I ate two strawberries and now I feel sick." Katie-- "No more strawberries for you, EVER!" Katie-- "This might hurt a little-when you see this go in, you might go 'owwww' " "You are all set, and if you eat too much strawberries, you will be ok!" "Oh, wait, you do get something(at a doctor's office--you always "get something!")" Mark--"When I get sick again, I will get another toy!" Oh, by the way, it was the "car" that was sick from too many strawberries! It's funny how they are integrating "house" with dolls and cars!

Hope you all have a great day! If you don't check the map on the side of the blog, you might do it...We had a visitor from GREECE yesterday--how great is that! I love to see all the visitors from all over, but, I admit, I find it fun to see people checking from other countries like Thailand, Canada, Isreal and more!!! I love it when I see a city on the map and I know who is looking from there!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My own blog design....

I did my own design...changed the backgrounds and the borders and the title background...did I miss my calling to the computer science side of life? I love this stuff!! Of course, I am learning by other people's instructions on their I am not just thinking up all of this on my own! Now, my blog has a TEXAS theme! GO TEXAS! I never considered myself a Texan until recently--when I realized that I have come to love this state--yes, even with it's weather issues. I think I will always think of it as my home on earth, no matter where I am living at the time. I think that once you leave your state and visit around or leave your country and travel around, you come to realize what you appreciate about "home."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Anna Versure!!!!

This morning the kids let us sleep in(well, not our youngest!)...and our oldest coordinated the celebration for our 12 year anniversary!!! She cut out her own paper balloons with the words from this post's on each balloon. Then, she cut out confetti! She yelled from the living room---"Come in!!" and we did...we were greeted with two gift bags of presents from all the kids. and confetti--with the kids yelling "Surprise!" I will try to take pictures of everything tomorrow! It was the best ever! Our kids are sooooo great to us!! We love them!