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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fads and Interests...and backfriends

 As a teacher, summer gives me more time to shop, think, and just do some things.  I'm a homebody, but I do tend to get bored, sometimes summer is my "backfriend"--enemy in secret.  No, I don't want to give it up.  I think teachers need it; they need it to recharge for the new year/new students.

As life continues, it is interesting to me that fads come and go.  What has really got me thinking is:  Why do I like certain things?  Do I like them because they are the "new" thing?  Do I like them because they are everywhere?  For example, I've been really enjoying old things(not all old styles)--the ones with old wood, old mason jars...and then, I notice them everywhere...Walmart is even doing plastic mason jars as cups.  What have we come to when what we like is decided for us by the fads?  Here's another one for you...I bought a Norwex towel not too long ago that was a coral color.  I was thinking---hmm, I wish they would make it in a rustic red that I would like.  Then, I start to notice all the corals around in the store and I begin to like the color!!  Was Norwex on to the trend...and then I got caught up in it?  Just some of my thoughts lately...  I used to think that I was the "one" not usually affected by trends--because usually I don't like them.  Lately, I like certain things, then I notice them and then, I wonder, "Are stores/products telling you subtly what to like and it's working?"

Ok, so on to some other things that I have been doing lately(my interests)---
Norwex--I'm loving the way to clean with only water...just wish I had known of this when I had wedding showers 18+ years ago!!!  Can we do one again? haha!  I wanted to sign up so I could get the discount, but I have decided after talking with hubby to wait til they had a free sign up, no requirements or just never.  I sold Pampered Chef long ago and really decided then that it wasn't for me---I love certain things and I just can't keep from talking about them, but selling them, makes me feel weird.  So, I am just now buying them from a friend.  I put this link on the specials page, but you can check out more if you are interested.

Trim Healthy Mama---I've found this book about 1.5 years ago.  Gobbled it up, and have been implementing some things from it.  The two New Zealand (but now live in America) sisters are Hilarious, in my opinion!  I have started going full force ahead--Oh, yes for about a week now!! Long time, I know! (I'm being very sarcastic!)  Really, it's been about two weeks, but pure for almost a week.  I am not eating sugar(except in creamer--haven't given that one up until two days ago--but only b/c I ran out:) ), low carb with high fat or higher carb(45 as a limit) with low fat...those are a few main ideas.  I feel a lot better.  I always do when I eat healthy consistently.  One thing I've done just recently--I put away my scale.  I did it b/c it sometimes works against me:  If I see a few pounds off, I tend to think, "Way to Go!" and splurge...I have no good reason to splurge after just a few pounds, when my goal is a lot bigger than that.  I'm also a bit crazy and tend to quit when I get encouragement...weird...since that is one of my top love languages!!  I just want to do this for the less sugars mainly for health reasons. 
*********Update:  I did THM for 5 weeks(4 pure) and I'm taking a break.  Several reasons why:
1. I was being consumed by thinking this way so much...anything that is consuming--I tend to trim back.
2. Not really any change--I did feel better not eating sugar--but no weight change, unless I really limited calories(only happened when I visited family--lost 2 lbs over that weekend.--very normal for that to happen for me like that--when visiting family).
3.I got to thinking--I want to just eat the way God would have told me to eat.  So, Back to the Bible it is.  I've pulled out an old book that I have---What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell. Eating foods that should be foods, eating them not as processed(more true to form) and not making a god out of any food or drink--3 things he focuses on. 
***I really think that the THMamas had more of a handle on these things than the readers do when they read--you can eat fat---they might read---"a lot of fat":).  I think (my opinion) that we all want to have less self-control...and anytime that happens, I 'm not sure that it's a good thing.  I think Serene and Pearl actually have more self-control than appears to a reader that wants to eat everything! :)...just my current thoughts.
Essential Oils--I've been doing a
few of these for over 5 years, but recently, I've added more.  For this one, I'm not joining any group.  I have too many friends doing this--I can follow them:). My favorite lately:  Peppermint for headaches.  It works!

Ok, that's all my summer interests for now, other than general reading, cooking, and clean movies!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Story for you...and an update on my recently acquired vehicle.

The names of the innocent are left out for protection :).
Son: Did you ever like a boy when you were in the 7th grade or in elementary? Did you ever tell them?
Mom: Yes, I liked boys then, but no ,I didn't tell them.
Son: Why?
Mom: Because it makes it awkward since you can't do anything like marry them now or even date.
Son: But you could wait.
Mom: That's a long time to wait. Why don't you talk to dad when he gets home.
Son: I want to talk to a love expert.
Mom: Well, dad IS a love expert.
Son: No, a real love expert like on the computer. Like Dr. Cupid.
Mom: Hmmm...there is no such thing as Dr. Cupid.
(One more reason that the Disney channel should not be watched by a 2nd grader!) Ha!!

First of all, this is not our actual van--no snow here in TX...but this is what ours looks like.
It seats 8!  When we first got it, I didn't test drive it; John did.  Why would I need to--I have already decided and have test driven one before.   When I was the one driving it back home(4 hours), I realized a huge difference from my old minivan.  It drove much looser.  First, I must say I thought I didn't like the tight driving vehicles, but when I had to adjust to loose, I thought maybe I made a mistake--until today.

I had to drive my old van b/c my hubby has the new one today ,and his car was low on gas, and I was running late.  OH MY!  I love my new van now more than ever.  My new van has more get up and go than I have ever had in a vehicle!  So nice to know that it wasn't a mistake after all.  I've been holding back the "celebration" of the new van b/c I just really wasn't feeling so confident.  No more worries--no regrets.  I am very thankful for my job that helped pay for this.  Every year that I teach, I think I enjoy it more.  It does keep me on my toes every year, as what I teach is constantly an option to be changed.