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Sunday, February 24, 2013

New move in date--End of April

Our time of move in keeps getting moved to later and later date.  It seems that when the workers are two parents that work full time and have four children, time is limited. HA!
I have been grouting---my skin is really rough, as a result of this.  John's been tiling the kids' bathroom/tub area and painting doors and trim. 
I've almost finished our more night's worth of work left, I hope.  John is amazing me with his tiling skill!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mexican Night

 Ninfa's green sauce and Posados garlic butter...yes, homemade, but close to the original.
 About a month ago, we decided to do "themed" nights on Fridays.  We have had Italian night, Mexican night, and American nights.  We have gone all out...with table cloths, cheap floral decor...and more.  The kids really enjoy these nights.  We even play the music from each country/theme.  It's a lot of work, but so worth the delight from the kids!  We started this because I like to go "out " to eat at restaurants(which can be a long wait) and the kids like McDonald's...and I don't want to go to "just" fast food for my night out--so, I thought I'd make the good food and we won't have to leave home for it!!

A bit late...but Merry Christmas from the LCS Bull kids...

 Melissa in the front on her flute

This was the kid's Christmas production from their school.  The girls are playing clarinet and flute and I can't say enough great things about their band teacher!  She amazes me with her talent and patience!  The play that the elementary did kept us laughing all the way through...especially when Herod fell from his stool and "died."

Thursday, February 7, 2013

More house details...

 This is our bathroom tile---it's earthy ---the picture is bluer than reality, but in our eyes, it's beautiful!

 grouted tile in the kids' bathroom
 our kitchen with our granite.  I have a rough cut edge.
 our half bath granite---it will have a bowl sink.
our kitchen sink---bad lighting.  Our faucet will not work, so we have to choose another...hence the lack of faucet.

Got a story for ya, Ags!!

A Matthew story for you...
The other day, Matthew was looking at my grocery ads(his reading material while in the bathroom).  He sees that it said 2/$5, and he's reading out loud.  I am in the other room and hear him say--"That's $2.50."  I asked him more, at this point.  So, tonight, I remembered this and I told John about it.  I said that Matthew's a math genius and asked Matthew again about the 2/$5.  Then, I asked a couple of others...2/$8 then 2/$13.50.  John says, "If he gets this one, I'll be impressed."  After a minute of thinking, Matthew answers, "$6.75."  Let me just say---we are impressed!  Good math genes on both sides of mom and dad!