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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Matthew ---the up and coming actor of the Herd household!

Today, I saw and heard something that was surprisingly funny to me.  Scene 1:  I walk through the living room hearing crying, but it sounded like play crying.  I ask what's wrong?--Matthew answers--the bad guys are crying.  I told him, bad guys don't cry!  (Well, they usually don't, do they?  Just keeping it real for him!)  Haha...he returns to playing.
Scene 2:  I hear from the kitchen real crying...thinking that Matthew was upset(which is not unusual), I go in and see and hear him really crying, actual tears running down his face.  He is playing with the stuffed animal and talking/crying.  I ask who's crying?--before seeing it was Matthew---Matthew answers---the bad guy was crying.  I try to comfort, knowing that it's really not real tears, but still, the emotion of it all!!!

WOW~---Do I have an actor on my hands?  Really crying and playing the part!  During lunch, John and I heard the explanation of the playing/crying.  Matthew tells us that the Lord had told the bad guys to stop being bad and to be good, but the bad guys didn't want to stop, so they were crying!  Evidently, the bad guys use cool props--such as a black rocket(which really was a ball pump) and they didn't want to give that up--and therefore the reason for the tears!!  Who said boys didn't have emotions????  They just use them up in play!!

In real life, some people don't want to give up their black rockets either!  Do you have a black rocket?  Mine might be otherwise known as SUGAR!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My first Parent Teacher Meeting as the Parent!

My first parent teacher conference was today and let me just say it was different being on this side of the table. I have had many a PT meeting, but I was the teacher! Now, I know how they feel, but not really--only some of them. Being on this side--as a home schooling mom is even harder--b/c I feel that my work is being evaluated. Let me say--it's hard to be in this position--most of us are at some time or another---many people question home schooling families. I have learned some things that I will change though...if I teach my kids again. I am teaching Mark, but that's kindergarten, not first and above! Plus, the changes I will make are things I can't do now that I am here in Russia.

So, what will I do different? First, you must know, that I am a saver of money to a fault sometimes...well, ok, a lot of times! So, that is the first change---I will NEVER buy something for school just b/c it's cheaper than the curriculum that I really like. I will buy the whole set and not piece together my stuff. I will buy the teacher editions and use them. I haven't bought math teacher editions before---but if I teacher higher than the 2nd, I will get them. I will work my kids harder and longer. I will test more often and be more "official" with "handing back their work with "grades" on them.

I am very pleased with my girls' progress in school, but I didn't ever teach these lower grades, so I have a better picture now. I feel like saying---I have a DREAM!!! I really love the school the girls attend and their teachers are great! We don't feel that we will be here forever in Russia, so if and when we are in a different place, we may home school again. So, this is good to have a plan and Dream!

Here's something funny that was asked of me during the conference...why does Melissa always say the word "the" like "thee" ---she never says it "thuh" when it's beside a consanent. I was befuddled...I can't say I have ever read this "rule" or remember reading it...but it's true --it's a rule!! When learning English--we just learn how to say the words, but not always the reasoning...but now I have been reminded of the rule---by a Russian teacher!!! I came home to see if I read correctly and I do--shew!!! I breathed a sigh of relief--but now I must correct this in Melissa if not Katie too!--Thankfully, I can teach it correctly with the boys!!!

I was glad to have the "meeting"--it was really a great experience and I just love the teachers.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The twins are home!!!

Remember the birth story of Sergei's and Cristina's twin girls? Well, they made it home and we have some pictures! Thank you for praying!! New prayer request: Sergei has been having problems with his joints so that it is too painful to go work. He is so faithful to his family and wants to provide for them. Please pray for healing and new jobs to arise for him to complete.
Thanks again!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Game Night

If you really know me, you might know that I am not much of a game player, but last night, I got tired of hearing the wii--yes, we have a wii all the way in Russia!! It was a Christmas present from John's parents last year when they came to visit.
So, we pulled out a present of Mark's and played---I am a pro--being someone with poor vision without prescription help, I feel like I could read braille if I learned the letters. I would go nuts if I had no light, but I could survive. I wake up in the night and do not put on my glasses, but make my way through the house just fine! Ok, so John was a pro too, and he has perfect vision--so it's really not proving my point of why I could win at this game.

The point of the game is to place the peices in the proper positions --like a puzzle--blind folded!
The boys just like to do it without the blindfold, like a puzzle!!
Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Staying Within Your Ability

Today Mark asked if he could play a video game. We told him that if he could tell us what time it was, he could play. That was at 12:35. He gave a few wrong answers and told us where the little hand and big hand were and then dropped it. We thought he just went on to something else until 1 o'clock rolled around. He knows when the big hand is on the 12 that the little hand tells the time but has some difficulties in between. The solution was to wait until it was 1. So that what he did. At 1 o'clock he comes in and tells us that it's 1 so can he play. We thought that was smart.

Stuffed Peppers

Mark helped me while I was making stuffed peppers---Who knew kids would like them?
Aren't they beautiful?! John and I have still decided it would be better with fresh peppers...cooked peppers just get mushy!!

This was our first day of snow---on Monday--October 12th! So, the boys were having fun posing for Dad's First Snow Day Pics! The snow didn't stick, but it sure was pretty! I even drove in the snow--wow --Mom!!

Mark's Party

We had several people over to our apartment to celebrate Mark's birthday!! It's customary to serve a meal and dessert at a party---so we did! It was great fun!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Matthew is getting stronger!!!

First, this is the gym set in the boys room---as you can tell, the boys room is a bit messy---they truly play in here...yep, they even had it clean earlier! 
Second, Matthew has been working hard and look at his accomplishment!  We thank God for the strengthening of Matthew's muscles!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Date!

Do you see the car---that looks like it's turning? Well, it's really PARKED!!!! Everyone feels the right to park where ever --even in the middle of an intersections, sometimes!!

You see this --it looks like it's a parking lot...but no, the people are all in the middle of the intersection trying to turn left!

John and I went out to a restaurant that came highly recommended by John's business student. It was great! It was homey, and tasty and they spoke English and even quite well. After eating supper, we talked about how this place was like a tourist place to eat--b/c you didn't feel like you were in a foreign country--if you spoke English. There were more English speakers there than Russian speakers! The name of the restaurant is Teplo--which means felt like an older home that we were eating in and not a restaurant.

This is a cool bridge off to our right...since John was an engineer--he will always spot the great designs!

Our views on the way home.

Notice the La Cucaracha restaurant!!

Family Fun on my b-day!

More fun photos...from my birthday!!