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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Different kind of Giveaway---4 Amish Novels by Beth Wiseman

Watch this trailer to learn about the first book in the series...turn off the music on my side bar first!

MY WINNERS!!!: The 4 books: Sherri! The first book: Nicole C!

These books are not new, they have been read and passed on, so I am passing them on to you...(the winner). You can do the same if you want and host a giveaway when you are done reading them.
Beth Wiseman is one of my favorite authors of Amish fiction. If you don't know much about the Amish, you will learn some things very quickly...I've even learned some German.  My father in law knows German(some) and sometimes asks some questions in German.  One day, I actually knew what he said!! HA!  I use some German in my vocabulary just for fun!  My hubby and I get a kick out of using "wonderbaar" for great/wonderful.

So, this giveaway is for the first 4 out of 5 books in a of the best I've read of my Amish books!
So, for your entries:  Leave a comment about what you know of or have heard of the Amish or that you have "no idea about the Amish."
Post on your blog/facebook/twitter/communities for extra entries...but leave me a comment for each one that you have done.  In all of your entries leave your email--encrypted ---such as: jaime at gmail dot com. I will draw the winner by the infamous random number generator Friday evening after 5pm.

Oh, and for the second runner up, I will be giving away the first book in this series(another used copy, but still good!)

I can only ship to a stateside address, so if you are a missionary, then send a stateside address...if you win.

The reason I don't have the fifth book---I read it from my local library! So, maybe you can do the same!!

If your entry is left anonymous and there is no email with it, I will delete it in the end from the entries. Also, any extra comments that are not entries, I will also take out from the drawings. Please leave that email or a way to get in touch if you win:).

FYI--I had to delete a few comments...b/c I couldn't find an email:
Here are a few that I deleted that had names, but no links...please enter again!!
Tricia, Loretta, Kim, Wearyrn,Dorene, Sherry, Sue Hess, Janet. I did delete anon's, if there was no info. Hope you all get a chance...drawing in 30 minutes!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our 4th of July Craft Day

I have used our "craft" money for different things over the summer---only fun stuff for the kids---but one of the things we did was a craft day on July 4th that ended in a yummy family picnic at the house!  I love our family!  We had our nephew Grant over for part of it, so he was helping to decorate some cookies!

Friday, August 12, 2011

School Shopping Done!!

Matthew's Math

Matthew's Grammar and Reading

Katie--ACE Math

This is the bulk of everyone's school--Bible, History, Science, Reading.English--Latin based method

Katie and Melissa's Grammar
Mark's Grammar

So, I have done it...the only things that are not pictured are the kids' writing program--- a prompt style method of writing and each of the kids' extra reading books that they will be reading through out the year--a lot of BJ Booklinks and more!! 
My sister in law gave me the kindergarten---so we are truly blessed in that area!!

I really am amazed at the deals that I got---very helpful right now!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Matthew's Birthday---6/23 --he turned SIX!

 I experimented with cake pops---loved how it turned out...they were very yummy!!

 has a hard time sitting still...
This is a typical Matthew post...his energy, happiness and serious cake pop eating!!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Dream...and update

Here's the bedding that I have picked out for another one of my "dream a little dream"--we will see if it happens.  I've been told--aka suggested--that I should not buy any of it now...hmmm...go figure, some people think that jobs bring in money--so, I will wait til my birthday or til the job comes.   I wish I could do a product review on this...hehe!!! and get this bedding free!!

On the job front, we have looked at many places in Houston, a couple in Dallas and a couple have just recently popped up in Longview that we are looking at.  Please pray for us to stay calm in this "trusting" time of job searches!  You could pray for an open door for the right job/place too!!

What is something that you are  "saving up" or waiting to buy?