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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another Minivan and CPR...related? You must read and see...

New Dream: Toyota Sienna Minivan:
As much as I wanted to get away from the minivan, when John and I looked again at the Buick
Enclave--it was just too small for storing suitcases for 6.  So, we are looking now at a Toyota Sienna much space and it makes me smile.  It's looking like we will need til November to save up for this purchase, but that's ok.  As I type, I think of lots of others that I am surrounded by with heartache, needed miracles, and a minivan dream seems quite silly. We have had a whirlwind of a week at work.  We are waiting for a very dull and boring Friday.  We were hoping for that today, but alas--it was not to happen.
I have learned this week to---pray for miracles, be calm and respond to student emergencies, walk through a fire-alarm that wasn't real--but not a drill...and be thankful for all of these because I have learned so much about being prepared as a teacher and just simply to pray.
I am thinking I will take a CPR course this summer to even be more prepared.  Teaching is not for the faint of heart--hmmm....never thought of it that way until the last two years and lots of state-side emergencies at schools not just my own.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Missionary House and Game Room--We have walls!

 This is looking from the hall in the missionary house into the living room(right side) and kitchen(left side).  The vanity on the left will go in the bathroom, and the stack-able washer/dryer goes in a closet off the kitchen. Our plan is to have a Murphy bunk bed that folds up into the far wall here in the living room to provide two more sleeping spots for guests.
like this Murphy bed!--no we won't have the crab on the visible side.:)

 This is looking from the corner of the living room towards hallway--you can see the bathroom on the left and the door on the right goes into our garage.  There is a private entry door to the left that is not pictured.
 This is the bedroom of the missionary suite(house)...
 This is looking from the bedroom down the hallway.
 This and the one below are the game room pictures...this is above the garage.
They are coming Monday to texture.  We picked out the carpet for the game room and the paint, but still haven't picked colors for the missionary house.  We are so excited to have this started!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More on the house...

Party with the Cammacks and Berries--means a clean casa!
 our room
 our sitting room
 our bathroom
 The Lego part of the boy's room
 The bunk beds...the girls slept on the mattresses below when we had my parents over--hence the girly colors below the bed.
 We had our friends--The Cammacks and The Berries over for New Years Eve--what fun!
Three Amigas!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Family Time!

Papa visiting with my kiddos
 Time with cousins--we often celebrate Melissa's b-day when we see the fam at Thanksgiving or Christmas.
 Mimer and Papa with the Cox cousins
 Cousins!!--enjoying Baby Esther!
 My brothers...
Happy Family of Grandkiddos!

Friday, December 27, 2013

A requested view

I was asked today by a friend--why hasn't she seen pictures of our house since we have moved in.  We are still working on details--and I hesitate to show before it's done.  Why?  I have no idea--maybe I'm living in denial!
So, here are our main rooms, the girls room and our music room.  The boys was clean last night, but not any more.  Ours wasn't clean last night nor is it this, you will have to wait on those:).
We are getting dry wall put in on Monday on our game room and missionary suite! We are super excited to have that scheduled!!!  Thanks Hannah for the inspiration to post!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another dream a little dream post...

This is the car we are looking at buying next summer.  We've done a lot of research and much to the chagrin of the "Honda" side of the family, we are looking at this Buick for our possible future vehicle.  When a well known German car dealer told John that the American-made cars have really caught up to them, we continued our love of American made vehicles.  No, we are not snobs about it(hope no one sees us like that), but we like this vehicle.  This is kind of like my dream post:) like I did years ago.  Lots of dreams have come and gone, but we still like to dream:).
Funny, we looking at this old post...these are a few of the dreams that became a reality...
 I received these for Christmas one year:)
 I bought two of these for our new front porch...and for a deal!
 My sister in law gave me a white one of these a couple of summers ago:)
 We didn't get this exact table, but we did get a very large table...I still love this table and would like to upgrade one day when the kids are older:)
This is not a reality yet, but I'm thinking of doing this in our circle drive...a smaller version with a large boulder and some good Texas tall heather like grass--as my friend Alisa had the inspirational idea for!

Mark's B-day in October...

 Mark's such a happy kid!  He's so grateful and just plain nice!  I'm sure he got this from his dad!  John's just so even and friendly to all.  He turned 10 this year! 

Our kittens lately...

 That's momma cat...the kittens are ready to find homes.  One of my students is taking the gray and white one; we are keeping the runt--it's the black (with white on it's face).  Any takers?