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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Katie's 11th Year "Trip with Mom"!

 We've been telling Katie for a few years that when she turned 11, mom (me) would take her away to a hotel and we would have a special trip together.  Well, we had a great time in Tyler.  This trip took much thinking for me and John, because during this trip, I went over some things with Katie about "growing up" and making right choices as a Christian young lady---we used James Dobson's Preparation for Adolescence cd's---the ones that were age appropriate so far. 
 This was the park where we read over a book by American Girl---The Care and Keeping of You...teaches girls to take care of themselves and the uniqueness of them being them and being a young lady!

 Of course, we went shopping!  Katie is definitely part "Kolstad"...meaning she is like my mom and likes to shop!!  She found these letters and quickly put it to form her brother's name!
 Katie is also my avid science girl, so we found a science museum and she was in heaven

 burying the dinosaur bones for other kids to dig them up!

 The iguana!!

 Madame Curry info!
 This was Katie's b-day outfit she picked out...tops and necklace!
Look, we even found a street named Karen!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Katie's Birthday Fun!

 Muffins for Breakfast--per her request!
  I made cupcakes for her class at church--since we just celebrated with the Bull family for her b-day and didn't have a "party."  I've started to warn the other kids that as they get older like Katie, we won't be doing parties every birthday.  Since we live by half of our family, it's easy to round up a small party! hehe!
 Katie has requested a pottery wheel since way before I bought it back then for her birthday!  This is her first creation from the kit.

 Katie actually did this...she loves to decorate for birthdays or why not her own!  She beat me to it this year, so I just let her do the decor!
This was her cake with the nerd rope being 11!!  Yummy!!
Katie opening one of her presents from the Bulls that couldn't make the party.

More presents and cards from her cousins!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Decent Food Stop"---it's all in a name!!

I have a theory...this store was named by a the English language!   So, do you see the sign of this store???  Decent Food Stop.  Well, any American or native English speaker...might laugh at this name, but when I saw the sign, it made me think of all the times we might have spoken something in Russian, thinking that we knew what we were saying, but a Russian might have said..."Well, you sort of said something else, but we understood you anyway."  Can't you imagine someone learning the word " decent " to mean good, but I know decent has a negative connotation of "not the greatest-but ok"...but that owner of the store just thought...I want to be a good food stop!!! HA, so let's name it decent food stop!!  Ok, so, maybe it didn't happen like that, but it's fun to think you understand where it might have come from.  This store is down the street from where we live...we will always smile when we pass it on the way to church.

I must say that we are glad to have taken the picture a month or so ago, because, it has been repainted and longer bearing the name, but we have evidence of the original Decent Food Stop!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Katie's Soccer team---PHOENIX

This is Katie's first time to play soccer and I believe this game that is pictured was her first game.  She practices 2 times each week, 2 hours a practice!  I can't believe the intensity that Longmoo plays/practices kids' sports!  I must admit this---I have really enjoyed taking her to practice---it allows me some adult conversation that is from someone not related to me.  At this need to remember that we live with John's parents and that his sister and brother and their families live on the same street.  No, we are not the only families on the street, but I do have a small world right now.  I do enjoy my world, but I do enjoy getting out to soccer practice.  Katie has improved in her soccer skills, but does not want to make this a professional job--hehe!  She has some really nice gals on her team of name: Phoenix.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boys and their tendencies...

First, I must admit, I haven't bought any type of gun, but a water gun, for my boys.  I didn't grow up around guns; the only memories I have of guns are--- a tragic death in our youth group and the antique rifle that sat on the base of our shelves in our living room while growing up ---a discussion piece, for sure, while my dad talked with any guy that I might have the potential of dating.  So, this year at the beginning of the school year, Mark, my 7 year old, made this...a gun from a pencil and a glue stick.  Boys will be boys for sure!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pizza Pockets

How is it that it never looks like the cookbook?  I must say, I used silicone cups for 6, not pictured, and they worked great!!