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Friday, September 21, 2007

Musical Talent at the Bull Home!

I just wanted to share some pics with everyone about music at our house. Matthew and Melissa seem to have that natural music bend to them and Matthew is very animated too when hearing music. Just take a look at the pics I took lately! Who said you could be musical with cucumbers?! Mark joined in on cucumber rock-n-roll!! Yes, Mark is sporting a Bob shirt and tighty-whities!! What can we say, he likes a la natural sometimes!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Love those Comments! Keep 'em Comin'!

I just have to say I love it when people leave comments to my blogs:). Although I would blog even if no one read what I wrote(except for John-I would make him read them:) --I just open it up in front of his Aggie website, and he is forced(not really) to read before moving it! HAA! John loves reading it anyway, but a wife has to do what I wife must!), I love to see your comments, b/c then I see that you read what our family is up to. It's fun that way! Of course, I love to comment on other people's blogs, so maybe it's just a "Karen" thing!! Thanks Alisa, Lori,Kay,Mimer&Papa, Ginger, Doug and all of you who will start leaving comments soon-hehe!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Aggie Football

Well, we are back in the swing of things for school and so is FOOTBALL!!! The Aggies played today and yes, we actually went to church with the game still going on. I am soooo proud of John for making the sacrifice. He had his palm pilot out checking the score half-way through church though...I don't think Pastor Brooks could see him though!!! I thought of our friend, Kevin Hauser-who is with the Lord now. Kevin was a head usher at our church before he passed away in Dec. 2005, and he would pass John notes during church service saying the score of the on-going game. Kevin got to watch from heaven's side lines tonight--to which John wondered...does he still get nervous in heaven?? A&M barely won after 3 over times tonight!!! I shed some tears missing our Aggie friend tonight. His lovely wife and my close friend, Alisa, still roots for the Aggies, but only if they aren't playing Virginia Tech (her alma matta).

Co-Op Fridays

This past Friday was our first day back at our homeschool co-op. The kids love it, and I do too, really(that's what I must tell myself!!) It's a long day!! Here is our day in the life at ECC(Enrichment Classes of Carrollton--name of our c0-op).
I wake up at 6:30 or before, the girls and Mark wake up at 7(although Katie was dressed by 6!!) . Matthew wakes up a bit later. They eat and we are out the door by 8:10(that's the latest). We head over to the City of Carrollton (about 20-25 min away in traffic). Assembly starts at 8:40 and goes to 8:55--we sing some worship songs, say the pledge, a child recites a scripture from memory, we pray and we are off!!!
Katie's classes : Traveling Minstrels(history -sort of), Shake it up Shakespeare(acting--Katie wants to be in the movies), Color-color-color, Cheers and Cartwheels, and Bird's Eye View(geography)
Melissa is in kindergarten class all morning, a Dr. Suess class and a games class.
Mark and Matthew go to their preschool class.
They take naps in the afternoon and Matthew slept the whole two hours after lunch on a nap mat!!! (He sleeps in a crib still, so I was wondering if he would sleep at all with no borders. He did!!!
My classes: Traveling Minstrels, CSI -ECC or wherever they put me, PRE-ALGEBRA--I am back to my love of math teaching!!! Yipee!--I am a teacher!!!, Grading period, then Extreme weather.
I help in all, but the pre-algebra---where I actually am the teacher! I love it! Can you tell?
We ended our first day and were leaving the parking lot by 3:06, and we headed to Sonic where we got slushes!!!

I got home and laid on the couch like a zombie!!! Katie says she wishes we could go to ECC everyday---whoa momma!!! I couldn't do it!!