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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oh my dear Matthew! The Thinker...

I just happened to come into my kitchen, carrying my three coffee mugs that have "built" up by my "quiet time" area, to see my son coming out of the bathroom.  He has been crying.  It's past 10pm and he and his brother have already gone to bed, or so I thought!   A little about my youngest...he feels deeply, strongly, and thinks way too much!   I remember my mother telling me in my teens--"You think too much!"  Well, like mother, like son???  Any mother wants to know what their son is upset about--boys don't cry that often!  I call him over to the couch and lo and behold, he is thinking 7 years down the line to when he will be the only one here with John and I, and it is upsetting him!  He won't have anyone to play with or do anything with. (* Who am I, chopped liver?? :)). He says he feels this now too, but a tidbit is--he's the one, when the family is in the living room, he is off in another room watching a different show, playing a different game, reading a different book. 
We talked about working on spending time with the family now and plans for playing together tomorrow and NOT worrying about tomorrow when today has enough worries of its own!  Shewy! Deep Thoughts--it's too late at night for this!  But, Oh how I love my son!
So, this is not from tonight, but it's funny none the less!

Friday, July 17, 2015

More Bargains

 I bought for $2.50---used it can be found for $30-$80.  I also got the carrier and extra tape.
 I bought for $2.50---used it can be found for under $30. 
This is not the exact pattern, but I purchased for $15(they were asking $10, but when I found out the guy pd $100 for the first racket--I felt bad and purchased the lot of these three for $20...)  Online, the cheapest is still being bid on and it's up to $25 with shipping.  I haven't seen any less at a garage sale than $25 in the last couple of weeks.  I used to have one of these, but I got rid of it when we moved to Russia--and now I could use it when I babysit.

We found an Urban Mango tunic with lace trim for $2, online on ebay they range from $27-$56 range.  The exact one is pictured at a boutique but the color is different--it was $40!  I'd say that was a steal!
The girls bought two wigs--$2 each to play with...they are super cute!- Short bob style in great condition.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Garage Sale Resale Bargains!!!

So, I bought a book on by Lorilee Craker...The Money Secrets of the Amish.
Lorilee reads it out-loud so this is fun to hear the author read her own book.  It adds zap!  I have enjoyed this book so much last year, I have listened to it again this year.  I walk some mornings so I just bring my phone and blue tooth ear phones and walk away!!!  Just in case you are interested, I linked the photos--I don't get anything from this, so no pressure! I got them for Mother's Day :).
The author had so much humor as she shared true Amish original money saving tips!  They work in the "English" world too(this is how non-Amishers are referred to---Englischers!)  I have added some of the tips to my world and I wanted to give some finds that I have found!

$5---has no card---on amazon used for $35
Black & Decker Toaster Over--$4---used on ebay with shipping --cheapest was $28, all others were significantly higher!
Innovations Knitting machine--$3, Online used(cheapest but still bidding with shipping--$35; new $50+)
Oh, it came with one full thing of Bernat baby blanket yarn $10 at Walmart plus an almost full ream of another of the same
a full one of Vanna's Choice yarn too--$3 value at JoAnn's, $3.54 at Walmart

I got a roll of this for $.50---looks like only a couple of feet are missing...sells for $26 at Hobby Lobby--always go with a I would have pd about $16 for the whole one at HL! What a deal!

My favorite Buy: 
Krups Model 963 Black Espresso / Cappuccino Maker 4 CUP Steam
I bought it for $15, it was used 2x's.  Used--the cheapest I can find is on ebay starting bid with shipping is $38...the rest are moving up.  Amazon sells used ones for close to $70!

I found a great white hat for $1~~---with a decent brand Sun Day Afternoon---new on amazon it is $32 plus!!!  

$5 calculator for 50 cents NEW in package!!
I also got a french china plate--looks like it may be from 1941.  Can't find the patten--found the maker--just not pattern, but it was $1~

I also found this treasure(the bubble wire glass on the right)--it is cracked on the bottom, but for my purpose it's not an issue!  I saw a very similar one at TJ Max for $10 on clearance.  I paid 50 cents!