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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our trip to Estonia with Lots of pics!

Lots of pictures---to update from our trip to Estonia.  I will describe them in order.
Gulf of Finland--stopped with our group and took some photos
Bridge over --no, not Terabithia,--frozen lake/river?It was on an old Estonia piece of land that like a farming community.
This bridge was covered in Locks of Love---marriages or couples with dates inscribed.
Katie and Melissa on the second part of the Locks of Love bridge.
The next five pics were taken in the city of Tallin---this was my favorite part---took lots of pictures to paint later---if that ever happens!  And yes, I wore sunglasses to keep from getting dizzy---the sun seems to do that to me at times.  I forgot to take them off in the photo!
The windmills were HUGE---that doesn't even describe it well---where's my friend Alisa when I need the right word!
The next three photos are our kids in the Estonian Museum---amazing the history of Estonia---breaks my heart though.  The kids felt the freedom---to dance---we went on a free day--and there was NO one there---guess, not too many people take off for the free day museum!
The first picture of the house is a duplex where we stayed in Estonia and that is the van we drive---reminds me of the Johnson van or even the van we rode in as little kids---listening to the one eyed one horn flying purple people eater---although we never drive with the door wide open like we did on our way to school with Benji's van!  What were we thinking!!  Well, obviously the kids got their way back then!
The next house was my favorite house---check out the blue and red colors!!  We think that Estonians compensate for the dreary winters by painting things bright---we saw it shine true when the old commu-style building had been decorated/painted.  It helped!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Missionary Family!

John's parents in Mexico on a missions trip.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Group photos

This was Karen's first English class--at a family home---the ministry we worked with last year.

Our Valentine's Day Outing in March!

Karen shared about St. Patrick's Day in Katie's class.