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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Heart of a Child

I saw Matthew walking by tonight and it looked like his face was all blotchy.  My first reaction was what did he get into, but the closer I looked, the more I realized that he had been crying.  I walked him over to the couch and asked him what was wrong.  (Back story: in the past, Matthew has prayed for his thoughts because he struggled getting wrong thoughts out of his head--fearful thoughts.  My heart wrenched at this because I struggle with my thoughts, as many people do.  As a mom, sometimes I feel that I am to blame for my kids' struggles--if they inherited some of them from me.  It's not fun to watch your kids struggle this way.)  He started stumbling over his words while crying saying he couldn't get his thoughts off something.  I went to pray for him and against any wrong thoughts that he was having. 
Then, he kept going on trying to get the explanation out about what he was thinking about.  He finally said that he was so sad for the homeless people that do not have homes and are lonely.  SIGH...what an incredibly soft heart he has at times.  So, we continued talking about how he is right and some people do not have homes and when he thinks of this, he should pray for them.  He has asked us in the past for things to pray about since sometimes he doesn't know what to pray for when we pray together at night. 
Future Outreach Idea:   We are thinking that we can go as a family to help out at a shelter.  Matthew agreed and said he would like to do this.