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Friday, December 30, 2011

Visit with the Naumov's

Recently, we went into Dallas to collect a few last things that we have stored at people's houses while we were in Russia and this last year.  We were able to stay the night with some of our friends from church---they are a Russian family that began in Moscow, but moved over to Dallas when their firstborn came along.  We have learned some Russian from them, but most of all, we have developed a friendship and bond with our Russian ties.  They have two boys--and they are super fun to's something that I treasure---no one is nervous around each other.  I know as our girls grow up , they may feel weird interacting with boys that they see from time to time, but not with the Naumovs.  I love that!  The boys are amazing on the piano...boy of them take lessons and I could listen to them all day!   This is our scrumptious breakfast Sunday morning!!

Family Pics

John's sister took our family pictures this year!  She is so talented with the camera!  It catches us in rare but true form!  John is always trying to make me laugh--in pictures...he usually succeeds!!  Thanks Julie for all that you do!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

 MC---being a sweetie pie as usual!
 Melissa had received a pedicure set from Aunt Laura and all the girls had a blast in Mimer's bathroom painting toes!!
 What does a boy do when the girls are painting toes?!!!
 The kids table---this wasn't Thanksgiving dinner in the picture but this just shows how my mom sets up every Thanksgiving we are home.  I love the pictures of our Thanksgiving times while I was growing I am just staging their pictures!!
 I guess they were playing Mr. Claus???
This is the kids playing restaurant!! Good times!!  I love it when they are creative with their cousins!!

The only thing that would have made this better would have been having my younger brother and his wife here also with us for Thanksgiving.  It's amazing that we all work out to see each other as much as we do...everyone having 2 sides of families to visit!  This Thanksgiving we went to Houston and saw my parents and my older bro and his family.  He has two very sweet girls whom my kids love dearly!

Old News...but cute pics! Happy B-day Mark

 Mark had his 8th b-day back in October and got a skateboard---that he is super happy to have!  Thanks Mimer!!  He has been skateboarding with his cousin Luke and I love that they have a healthy play idea! 
I am hoping to get caught up on real life by setting aside Facebook for, I will blogging from the past!  Somehow life without facebook feels healthier already!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Chemistry Lives!!

I once thought about teaching Chemistry---they were some of favorite classes in high school and college, but I didn't ever do it!  Since I am home schooling, I get to do science experiments.  This particular one was determining certain acids and bases.  Acids turned red, bases turned green and neutral stayed the color of the cabbage water.  Cabbage water was our "indicator."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

School Day and Math Lesson!

This was our first day doing school...and then a math lesson on another day.  We are home schooling this year and I am really enjoying my kiddos.

The toothless, but love filled boy

Matthew and his ways crack me up and make me smile all together.  He has lost now 4 teeth in the period of 10, he has put his tooth and, one time, teeth under his pillow.  The kids all know about who the tooth fairy is...and so does Matthew.   The day he lost two teeth, he left me a note---Do you lice legos?  (spelling---needs work).  This time, he left me 50 cents in the bag with his tooth!  So sweet, and so fun to get notes to me and gifts to me!  I think Matthew is showing gifts and words as two of his love mother, like son!!  The picture of Matthew is after his first tooth.  By the way, I've pulled all but one, by his request.  Brave boy...they are all but falling out when I do it!!