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Friday, January 3, 2014

Missionary House and Game Room--We have walls!

 This is looking from the hall in the missionary house into the living room(right side) and kitchen(left side).  The vanity on the left will go in the bathroom, and the stack-able washer/dryer goes in a closet off the kitchen. Our plan is to have a Murphy bunk bed that folds up into the far wall here in the living room to provide two more sleeping spots for guests.
like this Murphy bed!--no we won't have the crab on the visible side.:)

 This is looking from the corner of the living room towards hallway--you can see the bathroom on the left and the door on the right goes into our garage.  There is a private entry door to the left that is not pictured.
 This is the bedroom of the missionary suite(house)...
 This is looking from the bedroom down the hallway.
 This and the one below are the game room pictures...this is above the garage.
They are coming Monday to texture.  We picked out the carpet for the game room and the paint, but still haven't picked colors for the missionary house.  We are so excited to have this started!