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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nelly Day Part 2---The Navy Boat

We had heard that the US Navy boat was allowing visitors from 3-5 the day we went to Pushkin and if we got there by 4, we would be ok. So, we arrived at 4 and they had stopped the line!! YIKES!  We were soooo disappointed, but we decided to go look at the army vehicles from WW2 and got to meet a few nice people, in the KNOW!  One of the guys was promised a tour by the captain and we were there when the captain walked by.  Our new friend from Holland happened to ask if we could go along and the captain agreed---we got to cut in line and got a tour by the Main man himself---so NICE!!! 

Nelly Day--Pushkin

First of all, you need to know that we met Nelly in 2007 in March/April on our first trip over and she became a part of our lives then.  She lived in one of the Road of Life family homes at the time and she knew English well enough to converse with us and be our "translator" when we stayed with her Russian family home.  When we came over 2 years ago, our planes crossed as we fly over here and she flew to the states for a year.  This second year she has been here in St. Pete and we have loved having her hang with us when she can. 

So, one day we went out to Puskin--a town where the poet lived once and where Katherine the Great's summer palace is.  Nelly got us in for Russian prices---as she told the lady in the ticket booth that we reside in Russia.  We do, but that is a stretch as we aren't "residents"--officially!  This is the same place we came with her and her family in 2007 and she and we had not returned since.  It was a grand ole' day!