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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 parking garage that John and I were both patrons of.
 good ole' Kyle Field--football stadium

 I think this was the vet school.
 where John and I ate every Sunday night...memories!
John and I, my brothers, and one of my sister in laws all went to Texas A&M for our undergrad.  John and I met my first full day on campus through a Christian group called Intervarsity Christian Fellowship(aka--IV, IVCF or Intervegetablecreamcorn fellowship!--yes, we call things by lots of names!).  We didn't start dating til Spring of the following year.  We married 3 weeks after we both our lives began together at the lovely College Station.  Our kids have just recently been asking a lot of questions of how we met and about A&M.  They have all but Matthew(our youngest) said they want to go to A&M!  Whoop!  We shall see---I at that age wanted to attend a Christian college in Pensecola then Stephen F Austin--both of which dropped off my list by my senior year.

All this said, I am not a reunion type of gal.  As one person said from my high school class--those who love reunions...say a lot, " Back in the good ole days..."  I say----I like my life now.  I love my family, my kids, my hubby, my life--NOW, not how it used to be back in high school.  So, when high school reunions come around, unless I am dragged or persuaded, I will probably not be seen there at my own.  We did go to John's and had a great time though.

 College reunions, well, that's another story!  My group of friends from IV are still by far some of the greatest friends John and I have met.  So, when IV had a reunion, we went!  A&M had to be visited when we went there.  John is a history buff and could inform all our kids what things meant, when they were built and all the good info that goes into Aggie tradition!   Melissa has started watching Aggie football games with dad too.  She is leaning the most toward Aggieland.  Katie took these pics above and can't wait to go to vet school at A&M!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Modge Podge Dresser

We needed a dresser for the girls, so I went to a resale shop here in town.  The owner is an amazing talented young lady and I just picked her brain!!  She had this dresser(it was a plain off white wood dresser.) and told me about her idea for modge podging scrapbook papers on the drawers, so I looked it up and tried my hand at it.  I love how it turned out.  Yes, I know my own mistakes on the dresser and I am hoping it holds up over time(the design, not the dresser!)  My oldest helped me pick out the papers that I used for each drawer!  Unfortunately, I don't have a before picture---bummer!

What I learned:  Do not use modge podge as the final coat---it's a bit sticky.  The drawers stuck and I had to repaint a coat where it took off paint!!  YIKES--what a project!  I'm not a perfectionist, so I decided today, just to be done with it...and enjoy it.    I sprayed it with a clear type of sealant in the end.  The picture that is above the dresser was painted by my sister in law, Jackie, a few years ago, and it goes wonderfully!  Thanks Jackie-- again!  I love my paintings through out our house that are painted by my mother in law and my sister in law!  It's fun to have artists in the family.  Our artists:  two sisters in laws, my cousin, my paternal grandmother, my aunt, my uncle (my aunt was my uncle's art student in college!) my mother in law, and my own kiddos.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Sometimes, like the other night, my hubby amazes me at his genius way of playing with the kids.  They evidently had built a fort and then had a treasure hunt with these clues!  I will type out what they say, so you can enjoy them also.  (my notes are in ( ))
Clue 1:  Go South to a place of Sparks!(Mark--our son, goes by this nickname at times)  You will find Clue #2 under the place where your bottom moves the fastest!(the boys have a slide on their bunkbed)
Clue 2:  Going on a trip?  You will find Clue #3 if you are packing(there are suitcases from our unpacking in the living room)
Clue 3:  Go East where the Sun rises(our sunroom)  Be careful for the 4th clue may be under your bottom...(it was in the couch)
Clue 4:  I-I-I would tell you where the Clue #5 is but he is so cold, I don't want to visit(in our freezer).
Clue 5:  Your last Clue.  If you follow your heart, it will lead you back to the start. (to the fort).
Enjoy, Love Dad.

I went to a ladies meeting this night and the kids told me about it in the morning.  This is my husband!  Genius!  No tv--just fun with Dad.  Thank you Lord for a great hubby!