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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Russian and the kids!

Last night, our friends came over and were asking Katie some questions in Russian. I was telling them that she could understand and answer in Russian...but the amount that she was able to answer made me smile!! When people ask how are the kids doing in Russian...I think I am underestimating them!

So, a few minutes ago, my boys were eating Popsicles and Cristina wants one. More Russia, there is a belief that when you eat or drink cold things, you will(might) get sick. It's so prevalent that one time Cristina ate a Popsicle and a week plus later she happened to get a cold...her father and mother thought that it was from the popsicle Wow...anyways, back to the boys are explaining in Russian that she can't have it because her mom said no and she doesn't want her to have it because she thinks she will get sick from it. It might not have been all grammatically correct, but it was fun listening to Matthew(almost 4) and Mark(5) speaking a bit in Russian!!

Fun stuff! We are now packing and so ready for our time in Texas!! 3 more days!! Please pray for safe and pleasant travels.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our church families---most of them.

We went to an island here in the city-- and let me just say, it was BEAUTIFUL!!! So green!! It was a breath of fresh air to be on this side of the city. It was amazing to me that it even existed!!! We plan to return here another time in the fall or next spring too!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last trip to IKEA skating rink at Mega Mall

So, we are 6 days away from heading out of Russia across the pond! Wow!!!! Someone asked me today---Are you excited? YES!!!! I want to enjoy every minute with my family and friends and soak it up!!! Not focus on how much I will miss them when we return here in August, but focus on the today!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Postal Service here in Russia

I was thinking yesterday that I have never shared some differences with the postal service here and the services provided by the post office. I wrote this a week ago and then my friend wrote on Postal services too...I am finally publishing this one...great minds think alike, eh Elizabeth?

Russian gov't keeps cost at a minimum by...not using envelopes. You see, all our bills--such as, electricity, apt. bill, water, phone...etc, come on single rectangular pieces of envelope...just paper! It's about as thick as normal printer paper privacy, but it saves in cost!! What a cocept!!!

It seems that here...everything---well many things---are paid at post offices. For example, to pay my water and phone bill, we walk downstairs to the post office to pay these....amazing that the gov't is everywhere and in charge of EVERYTHING and aware of you everywhere!! Oh, and you can pay your electric bill at the grocery store! Hmmm...another way that the gov't is in everything. You can pay these bills at a bank too, I believe, and the gov't has it set up that---I think---you can pay it at any bank or any post office---it feels a bit like "big brother" is watching. Wild!! I must say that this does make it easier to do things when you are a foreigner at least.

It's about that's tickin' away!

So, now, we have less than two weeks before heading to Texas! We are packing things that stay here while we are away...and things that go with us! We are making lists of things to buy when we are in America---things here are sooooooooooooooooooooo clothes, shoes, and such. Food is not so bad, but the other stuff is pretty high. It's amazing! And things like coffee---where I can read the label and other little things we just can't buy here. We have had requests for items to be brought back such as scoops for cookie making, those sponge things that hold soap, coffee...

We are praying about our purpose and are trusting Him to reveal what He has for us in His time! A main idea that keeps popping up in our prayer/church/conversation...Don't worry about your life---you, clothing...and such! So, hmmm...we shall choose to not worry and to trust. In these times, it is a must!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

How do you pose in Pictures????

I've seen it all! People tilting their head, tilting their hips, putting hands on their hips, tucking double chins...but this I hadn't seen yet!!! Go Matthew!!!

13 years June 1st!!!

We went out to Mama Roma's and enjoyed a nice Italian meal! John surprised me with these beautiful flowers and a lovely Russian card---with nothing less than a bull flying across the sky! How appropriate! Marriage is only getting better with age!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Turn my Heart, O Lord...which ever way you want!

The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes.

~Proverbs 21:1 (NAS)

I was reading a friend's blog...over on a different site...and I found a new prayer that I started praying! I am applying the word anyone...and thus myself.

Lord, turn my heart wherever you wish!! Isn't that the most perfect cry out to God. In the end, we want to follow Him or not. I want to follow HIM. So, who can control my heart? He can! and I so want and invite Him to. I have been thinking a lot on forgiveness lately and this is also my prayer with forgiving...Lord, help me forgive! He knows I am weak and my anger and selfishness can get in the why not ask for help where I am weak and He is strong.

Will you pray this for your life??? It's straight scripture!