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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brick is all done!!

This is the back view of the porch...and the steps down into the backyard.  The brick we picked is so different than we expected.  (We had a house here in Long-moo picked out---asked the brick companies about it, and they told us what brick it was---well, evidently, if the brick we have is the brick that we saw on the house---the brick varies A LOT!--which is highly likely with this brick) The mortar was wrong also---don't know how that happened either, but it's like God used these mistakes or differences to create a new look and we love it.  When life deals you lemons, rest assured, you can make lemon pie!!!
Texture on the walls is done!!!  Painting begins on Friday!  I cannot believe it's really happening!!
The kids are picking their colors.  Wait for it...lime green for the girls, spider-man red and blue for the boys.  Oh my!  

Science Cell projects

One of my classes that I teach is life science.  These are some of my student's cell projects...they just amazed me.  One of the requirements was they do these without parent help(except if they had to get supplies.).  I encouraged them to use what they of them made a cake cell, one used toothpaste in her project, my own daughter made a duct tape cell.  All but one of the projects were for sure student of them, I don't know for sure.  The questions about why the student made the grade they did tipped me off to maybe some special interest from a parent involved in the project.  But, I could be wrong!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

More brick!

 I know it's a mess in front of the house, but the brick is up!!

The brick ledge on the front porch was the highlight of my day!  Teaching this year has been interesting.  It's more work than I could ever imagine and the emotions that go with teaching...unbelievable.  I've had a roller coaster week, but I am grateful for a lovely house and a great family.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Matthew came in after cleaning a room and said, "I have two ideas!"...I had to take a picture!!!