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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Continuation of a Dream

One thing that John and I have talked about for all of our marriage is the desire to host missionary families in our home. We have been back home from our own missions trip to Russia for almost 2 years. We,as a family of six, were hosted by a Finnish family in a missionary type cottage; so we were able to experience what we dreamed of. We were hosted by this family about 2.5 years ago while we were visiting Finland. All we know is that this dream of ours has never gone away, whether stateside or during our 2 year stay in Russia. So, we believe this is a God directed passion. So, come along as we have just begun the journey of building. Our house plan has changed in the last week and John has begun preparing our house pad. John's parents have had John working on this subdivision for over 3-4 years. We are building on a section of land adjacent to the regular lots. From the response of people, it seems like they are shocked at our speed of building. This is a very unusual situation where we are doing a lot of prep work before even the bank stuff is finalized because John's parents own the land and the equipment John is using. We will be transferring the title in the next week or so.