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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bonding Over Beauty GIVEAWAY!!!

And the WINNER is:  Laura !  Congrats!!!!!!!
Greenleaf Publishing sent me another copy of this book to giveaway to one of my readers!  I couldn't be more thrilled!   I loved reading this book and I believe that you will too!  Read over the blog post below for a short review of this book.  For 3 possible entries:  leave me a comment, be a follower(current or new)--leave a separate comment that you are one or became one, or post this blog entry on your facebook/blog/twitter---and again leave me a separate comment for this too.  I will do the "random number generator" thing and choose my winner by Thursday, July 21st, at 5pm CST.  Please include your email in your comment(s) can encrypt it by leaving spaces and spelling @ and . , for example:  jane doe at gmail dot com .  Can't wait to see who wins!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bonding Over Beauty ---loved this book!

I have been reading this book for the last two weeks and I must say I have read such great ideas to implement with me and my girls!  This book is by Erika Katz, a former model and actress, and she has used what she has learned over time to help with her own daughter and her growing up into a young lady.  She presents all of this material is such a way that we, moms, can teach our daughters in a "bonding" and fun way.

Ever since my Katie has approached age 11, I've been gathering info on things like hygiene, inside and outside beautification,  puberty and beyond years, and so much more!  This book has been such a fun and practical way of learning(for myself and for teaching my girls!).  It has really helped with the "why" of the things us women do.  I don't know if you are anything like me, but once I know the "why," things just stick with me more!  Or at least I start to do them more!  I will definitely keep this book as my reference---I have so many pages dog-eared!

This book has given me some great ideas for facial scrubs, ways to prevent the need for botox --haha!!!--most moms would love to pass this one on and to apply it too, the "perfect" ponytail, great recommendations for certain affordable brands for make-up, removal, and more!   It even teaches about nutrition--one of my favorite topics!  I'd have to say the one word that wraps this book up is practical!   I did receive this book for free by the Greenleaf Book Group Press to review.  I had no idea what a great asset this would be to my "library."  Thanks Greenleaf and Ms. Katz!
Their website is a great resource too!!

The publishing company is sending me an extra copy to give away--be on the look out next week for a great giveaway!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Locks of Love --Melissa's story of giving in her own way!

 The wet look of all that hair!!

 Waiting for Dedra--our beautician friend at JC Penney's

 Dedra sectioned off Melissa's hair
 The first "lock"

 All the locks!  Each lock had to be 10 inches to donate...curly hair is pulled straight to achieve the length.
 Sister Melissa!

Dedra and Melissa at the end...Dedra did an awesome job and she straightened Melissa's hair.  Melissa has wanted to donate to locks of love for making wigs for the children that lose their hair because of chemo.  Her heart goes out to those kids that have cancer.  She prayed over her hair before we went into the salon and for the girl that would get to use her hair--that she would be all well.  What an amazing idea---Locks of Love!