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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Love those Comments! Keep 'em Comin'!

I just have to say I love it when people leave comments to my blogs:). Although I would blog even if no one read what I wrote(except for John-I would make him read them:) --I just open it up in front of his Aggie website, and he is forced(not really) to read before moving it! HAA! John loves reading it anyway, but a wife has to do what I wife must!), I love to see your comments, b/c then I see that you read what our family is up to. It's fun that way! Of course, I love to comment on other people's blogs, so maybe it's just a "Karen" thing!! Thanks Alisa, Lori,Kay,Mimer&Papa, Ginger, Doug and all of you who will start leaving comments soon-hehe!!

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