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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our New Pet got away before we even took a picture!

"Maddie" was our latest pet turtle. Katie and Melissa pooled their money for her and mom bought the food and heat lamp. So, we had our turtle, a Mississippi Mud turtle, for about 12 days, when it decided to jump(it had to have jumped to get out of the big bucket we had it in) and get away. We posted signs around the neighborhood for "lost turtle Maddie" but haven't seen her return. Melissa prayed for her safety tonight--she's been gone since Thursday. We are sad but moving on over here. I don't even have a picture because I hadn't even taken one yet! OOOPS! Turtles can return to their home and God is bigger than anything, so we have hope still, even if she doesn't come back--we will serve the Lord and enjoy Alex, our fish that can't go anywhere!

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The Cornwell Family said...

Have hope! When we first moved to Indiana, our 10 year old cat went off and was gone for 3 1/2 months! Then one day, he was just walking down the sidewalk! We had given up on him, yet God "led" him home!