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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I hate to share such a picture of myself...don't I look thrilled? I wasn't upset, but I guess you just go into metro mode sometimes? Boy, I must have! But the fun part was Mark sleeping on the stranger---she did offer her arm though.
On the metro, sometimes the wind is blowing!! Proof! Our beautiful girls!
This was one of our first dates here in St. Petersburg -- sometime in Jan/Feb 2009 We had to have a record of Papa Johns!! One of our favs!
Every Wednesday, we go to IKEA and Ice Skate! I don't know who the girl was in the picture, but Mark is so adventurous! The fun thing to ask at the many times did you fall? It was up in the 20's, but I think it gets lower and lower each time. Mark loves to try new things and he can turn around and do all kinds of fun boy tricks on ice!


Elizabeth said...

Even I've slept on a stranger's shoulder in the metro, and I'm an adult! :) Sometimes I "zone out" on purpose because otherwise I make faces at people by accident.

Patty Wysong said...

Metro mode--now there's a phrase that's gonna stick in my mind. LoL--I have a feeling it will appear in a post sometime too.

I love that she offered her arm! :)