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Friday, January 22, 2010

A teacher gift is used! Happy New Years---CNovom Godom!

Can you tell me which of these pictures show a teacher's gift being used?  The sparklers were gifted to Melissa and her 2nd and 3rd grade class mates--along with a fire cracker:)   It's one of those, you know you are in Russia, when....  Fire crackers are in grocery stores here around New Years and oh so popular!  It's very common to give sparklers and these pop fire crackers that spray out confetti--after they have a mini fire explosion when you pull the cord!  We hung out with friends from Ohio on New Years and we had such a nice time with them.  We had sloppy joes that were absolutely delicious!  They have two kids and our kids just love theirs!  Melissa is in the same class with them at school.  We thank God for the whole family being here in Russia with us.

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