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Monday, October 25, 2010

Elema --the final quest!

 Have you ever seen such a big block of cheese??  This is our good friend Masha O---holding this $70 round of Russian was yummy!!

Elema was our main ministry, I guess you could say, our second year in Russia.  John worked so many hours with Sergei and then our year was kind of culminated with the last Georgia project.  We loved working with this team.  They never complained and had such great camaraderie when working together.   Karen helped in the kitchen with the feeding of about 15-20 people 3 times a day.  John worked with the construction of the building.  The kids loved all their time there, except maybe Melissa who ended up getting bites all over her.  Elema was used this summer by many groups of kids and I'm sure they loved the upgrades to the place!

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