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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visit to Ms. Lee's Garden with Aunt Julie and Kiddos

 The hills  were alive with the sound of daffodils!!

 The boys brought their light duel it out.
 If you ever think you have small living quarters...think room house!!

 I love's so quaint, but I can't say I'd like one room for everything!!!

the girls!
 My girls!

 the boys...hangin' on the bridge!

 lookin through the slats!
 Love this face!!!

 these boys really love each other.

 showing his tying skills
 warring skills....
This place was so was acres and acres...I kept joking with my sil Julie that we (all the Bull side) could live on this acreage and never even see each other ever!!  It was huge!!  We all live on one street, with other people too, and still because of our busy lives, sometimes do not see each other now.  I do enjoy this season where we can walk to each others houses and the kids can play together.  John and I do not know how long this season is in Longmoo, but we will enjoy it while we are here!

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Jen said...

That looks like such a fun place to visit. Love those daffodils!