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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Dream...and update

Here's the bedding that I have picked out for another one of my "dream a little dream"--we will see if it happens.  I've been told--aka suggested--that I should not buy any of it now...hmmm...go figure, some people think that jobs bring in money--so, I will wait til my birthday or til the job comes.   I wish I could do a product review on this...hehe!!! and get this bedding free!!

On the job front, we have looked at many places in Houston, a couple in Dallas and a couple have just recently popped up in Longview that we are looking at.  Please pray for us to stay calm in this "trusting" time of job searches!  You could pray for an open door for the right job/place too!!

What is something that you are  "saving up" or waiting to buy?

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Jen said...

Praying! Both that God will provide your dreams as well as the right job. Dallas is so close to me!