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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 This first picture is done by my friend, Kim,--sometimes others have a vision for things that I don't.  Kim used an old door and the hangers and created my entry piece!
This is my project that I just started...we shall see if it works out well.  I am painting a rug/mat...this is the primer coat...I'll journal my way through it.  If it flubs, you may never see the end product---depends on how brave I am!  My camera is on the blink--it's my Russian small camera...and it's not working right now...bummer, so I had to use my daughter's ipod touch.  Yes, she is more techy than I am--by my choice.  I do NOT need anything else to distract me!  So, do they always take such a grainy picture...I'm not impressed.  My daughter bought her own ipt, so no big deal...she loves it!
UPDATE:  camera is still broken, but mat is now yellow...still working SLOWLY!

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