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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Secret Servants

It's December, and I've been thinking through the reasons we do what we do around this time of the year.  Ok, first of all, if you aren't one of those "thinkers"--you know the personality of the melancholy one...they aren't always the depressed ones, but the thinkers-- then count your blessings.  Thinking too much can be a curse.  But, it CAN be inspiring!
Some of things I think of...
----Why do we have a Christmas tree?
----Why do we do stockings?
----Why did we decide on Dec. 25th to celebrate the miraculous birth of Christ?
----Why do so many people "do" Santa?
----Why are gifts such a "huge" or main(even if the gifts aren't big) part of most people's Christmas, even whey they "say" that Christ is the reason for their season?  and how do you reverse this if you started this way and want to change it?
Thankfully, I have my Matthew say something like this---when we set up our nativity scene,  Ah, the real reason for the season.  Priority, yes!
I've done my research on most of these things...and have decided to focus on Worship this Christmas for me and my family.   The hard part is the remembering of the focus!! The girls are playing Christmas songs on their instruments and we are doing a few things to focus on others this season.

 This Christmas, we are doing Secret Servants.  We draw names every Sunday and we "do" things such as, pray for each other, serve each other, give to each other, encourage each other, give back scratches, help with chores, etc.  I have made a word document of these types of actions and printed out multiple words saying these things.  The red heads cut them up for me and we have them in a box under the stockings.  When one of these things are done for our "person" that we drew, we put that word in their stocking.  Last year, we did this with out the words, but with "straw" for the manger  and sometimes the other person didn't notice if their bed was made for them or not.  So, this year, we are making a sort of record of it; not a specific record, just a general one.  Yes, this may be some sort of tooting your own horn, but I hope it's not like that but more a way to show how much we care for one another.

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