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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Got a story for ya, Ags!!

A Matthew story for you...
The other day, Matthew was looking at my grocery ads(his reading material while in the bathroom).  He sees that it said 2/$5, and he's reading out loud.  I am in the other room and hear him say--"That's $2.50."  I asked him more, at this point.  So, tonight, I remembered this and I told John about it.  I said that Matthew's a math genius and asked Matthew again about the 2/$5.  Then, I asked a couple of others...2/$8 then 2/$13.50.  John says, "If he gets this one, I'll be impressed."  After a minute of thinking, Matthew answers, "$6.75."  Let me just say---we are impressed!  Good math genes on both sides of mom and dad! 

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