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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Katie is almost a faints!!

A Taste of cupcakes and mini bundt cakes...Katie turns 13 this Tuesday.  She had a friend from school and a friend from church over tonight.  They giggled, ate, played volleyball, sang, talked, giggled some more...etc.   Here are a few Katie photos through the years...and then Katie with our family over the last 4 years...crazy to look back!

 Katie has such a boldness,sweetness, and innocence to her that amazes me often!  She loves people, which is something we have prayed over her from her infant days.  She loves the Lord and wants to share Him with others as she lives out her life.


Elizabeth said...

Tell Katie I love her glasses! I couldn't find her in the bottom picture at first :)

Jen Price said...

What a beautiful girl you have there! Happy birthday, Katie!

The Herd said...

Thanks Elizabeth!--I told her!