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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Work Day and Tomorrow...

Today, my friend Elisa organized a work day for our house.  She called it a barn-raising :).  The ladies were to "clean" and the men were to work in the yard and on trim.  I had my written list; John had his mental list.  One thing that I know about myself---I like a plan.  Well, the plan worked out but not like my list.  I think that four of my original things on my list were accomplished, but there were so many things that actually got done that I had not even thought of--so all is well.  I cannot express my thanks enough for all who helped with any thing, small or great!  Windows are clean, floors are swept, several walls are swept(yes, they were dusty), trim is up, yard is fixed in front, porch is CLEANED off---never thought that was possible!!!, garage is cleaned!!!---didn't think that would happen ever either, drawers/cabinets in kitchen are cleaned and lined, and bathroom and hallway grout is sealed.  WOW!!!  Thanks Friends!!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day--one of my personal favorite days of the year--topping every day but Thanksgiving!  It's so sad, but it's for selfish reasons that I love the day---my family pampers me so much---I get to rest and enjoy the day.  I love it so much!  As I type this, I am reminded of my best friend from high school and how she says that her children now are "thanks" enough...she does not need anything else.   Jennifer--you top them all--because, I know that you truly mean that.  Not that I need thanks or Mother's Day, but I sure do enjoy every moment of it!  My love tank gets super full that day!  I feel very loved by my kids and hubby!