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Monday, September 2, 2013

Latest addition and Matthewisms

This is Java--our latest addition to our kitten family.  Jojo is still here, Faith disappeared...and we think JoJo is pregnant!  Wow!  She is sure like her mom---she will be getting fixed along with Java when the kittens come. 

A few more Matthewisms to record...
We we were playing Apples to Apples last night.  Matthew had the card Olive Oil, about which he states, "She's my favorite actress!" (think Popeye!)

Sunday morning, Matthew knocks and asks if he can come into our room.  We say, " What do you need?" Matthew responds, "Pretty much nothing." :)

Me:  Matthew, put away your clothes that are on the couch.
Matthew(as he is heading toward the clothes):  Let me sleep on that!

He cracks us up continually, and I want to have these lines written down!

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