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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Story for you...and an update on my recently acquired vehicle.

The names of the innocent are left out for protection :).
Son: Did you ever like a boy when you were in the 7th grade or in elementary? Did you ever tell them?
Mom: Yes, I liked boys then, but no ,I didn't tell them.
Son: Why?
Mom: Because it makes it awkward since you can't do anything like marry them now or even date.
Son: But you could wait.
Mom: That's a long time to wait. Why don't you talk to dad when he gets home.
Son: I want to talk to a love expert.
Mom: Well, dad IS a love expert.
Son: No, a real love expert like on the computer. Like Dr. Cupid.
Mom: Hmmm...there is no such thing as Dr. Cupid.
(One more reason that the Disney channel should not be watched by a 2nd grader!) Ha!!

First of all, this is not our actual van--no snow here in TX...but this is what ours looks like.
It seats 8!  When we first got it, I didn't test drive it; John did.  Why would I need to--I have already decided and have test driven one before.   When I was the one driving it back home(4 hours), I realized a huge difference from my old minivan.  It drove much looser.  First, I must say I thought I didn't like the tight driving vehicles, but when I had to adjust to loose, I thought maybe I made a mistake--until today.

I had to drive my old van b/c my hubby has the new one today ,and his car was low on gas, and I was running late.  OH MY!  I love my new van now more than ever.  My new van has more get up and go than I have ever had in a vehicle!  So nice to know that it wasn't a mistake after all.  I've been holding back the "celebration" of the new van b/c I just really wasn't feeling so confident.  No more worries--no regrets.  I am very thankful for my job that helped pay for this.  Every year that I teach, I think I enjoy it more.  It does keep me on my toes every year, as what I teach is constantly an option to be changed. 

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