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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Really, it's been that long!

I cannot believe that it's been since July since my last post.  When that happens, often times, I look back on a very dry time in my life--but this time, it hasn't been dry, just busy I guess.  I'm usually one of those that try NOT to be busy, so maybe this isn't the reason.  I think the main reason is I'm not uploading pictures from my phone to this blog.

My family continues to grow up---taller and taller they get...older and older they get.  It used to be that when people said kids just grow up too fast, I would wonder, because every day I home schooled, it seemed so slow.  They felt the same age forever.  Now, that I am back to teaching at a school and they are attending school, time is flying!  I'm sure that I don't like that.  I feel that I will blink and my oldest will be in college.

I hit my 40th birthday at the end of September.  I think that I've been dreading it since I was 35!  Life took a tumble that year and I just expected it to keep tumbling.  Thank you Jesus that you keep me and hold me!  I actually don't feel my age as in it's a bad thing, I just finally feel that I'm old enough to have all my kiddos.  I kind of feel that it's a good mature time in my life, not that I've arrived in life, but maybe I'm growing up! Ha!  Or maybe not!
Oh, also in our lives---John's parents are heading to Hawaii!  I can't believe it's that time.  They are planning to stay 6 months...I think we will miss them a lot!  The picture above is from our last group supper with them at Shoguns! Yum!

more pictures to come--if I can figure out my phone!!!

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