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Friday, March 20, 2015

First Missionary Couple in Suite!

Yesterday was a first for us.  We have housed John's parents in our little missionary suite next door--technically they are missionaries, but yesterday, we had a couple come from England to stay at our place.  Let me just say--it made our hearts soar!  They are here with a group of missionaries from all over: Brazil, Czech Republic, Houston, and England.  Their group is called Open HeART.  They focus on Worship, The Word, and Missions.
Our new friends---they are such a true English couple---so sweet, such manners, and such humor--even with the genteel way they speak:), but I especially love that they laugh too!  If I start speaking lovely words, don't be surprised.  Their love for God pours out of them.  I feel ashamed of what I am not aware of in the Easy States of America.  There is so much going on in Eastern Europe, Africa, Brazil and more---and I have been so unaware.  I am such in a bubble.  I pray that God will burst it in His grace.  Tomorrow we have a Missions/Worship Conference with all our new Open HeART friends.  We have so much to hear.
Lessons that I have learned already in 1 day:  Planes can arrive early---4 hours early ---next time, I am planning to be a whole day ahead of plans.
Communicate with hubby and plan for food for the people we host and us! haha!!  I planned for them, just not for us!
That's all for now.
Pictures to follow in the next week.  For now, I'll let you see the outside of our "missionary suite"--hehe!