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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Loving those who aren't always super friendly...

Melissa has had a little girl in one class of hers that is not really nice to her...aka--when Melissa says hi, the girl apparently gives her a "funny" look and walks away. So, we have talked to her about saying hi and being friendly anyway. We told her that the girl may be shy or may not know English??? We have shared all the reasons we can think of. Anyways, she tried saying hi again last night, and Katie was there. The girl didn't respond except with the funny look, according to Katie. So, we were once again revisting the subject this morning and Katie says, "I know what you could do! You could give her a present! Or a cookie or a sucker!" Melissa says, "Oh, I could give her my cookie that I get in class!" I suggested that they draw her a picture--since that is what they enjoy most! So here they are drawing away--well, really, posing for the picture while I take it. I am saddened by Melissa's feelings being hurt, but it does give us great talks about loving those who hurt you and not laughing at people when bad things happen to them...we covered that yesterday with Proverbs 25 and it was talked about again, when we were watching Hannah yesterday afternoon and they laughed at a mean girl getting made fun of. Good times!! At least they are learning, right?! Hopefully, this sinks in and they learn to love people as the Lord loves people.

Mark saw that I took their picture and wanted his taken too. He's drinking his OJ:). Matthew wanted his taken too, so I said "Smile," and he did!!

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