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Monday, April 20, 2009

Praying about next year...

We are doing a lot of this! What to do? What to do? Right now, we are confident and expecting God to reveal His will for our next year. We have decided to return here in August to Russia. We will be going to TEXAS June 20th for a nice needed visit!! We are so looking forward to seeing family and friends! We plan on visiting Dallas/Plano, Houston, Longview and Austin for sure!

Some plans for next year(as in next school year)...we are planning on the girls going to a Christian school, intended for missionary and expatriate kids and diplomats' kids...etc. They are taking their Stanford tests there this week---so far, one day down...they loved it! They are going to bed at 8pm and we are out the door by 7 and there by 8:15---class starts at 8:30! Yep, they loved the test and the time with the other kids. I will keep the boys home next year and begin home schooling Mark. I can't believe he is old enough!!

Other than these plans, we await the Lord's direction!

Update on the home front in our "family home"---Katya is not working outside the home now(she quit her job that she had before b/c they weren't paying her), but is making purses for extra money with a couple other friends. Cristina has been sick for the last week or so and has developed her lungs(aka---screaming) when she doesn't get her way. We are definitely not a quiet house. This situation is improving though---we are grateful for this!! We are praying for Katya in this way---that she would grasp an understanding of God's love for her and truly desire Him. Her belief in Him is minimal, but there. In need of growth, to put it well. As we all are, right?! We want the seed sown in her life to be sown on the good type of soil! Please pray for her to hunger after Him and want His best for her life. She sometimes doesn't see the need for change in her life--and that is frustrating, but it keeps us praying. Good news---she has paid off one of her debts!! She is making baby steps in that area.

More later!


Mary said...

Thanks for the update, will be praying.

Elizabeth said...

Ditto. :)