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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reminder of all the details to a blog and need for ideas

Don't forget to scan down the side of our blog for different aspects of it. You may be missing out on much info--some funny---some just stuff. Did you know that John--my hubby-- writes on this blog? Well, check it out. Also, I can't center my photo---any ideas? I will try to figure it out, but first, I thought I'd check with my readers. Also, try out some of my friends' blogs...they are super cool. One thing I love about the "mission" field is finding other "normal" missionaries like us!!! Well, normal---we might not be, but you know...people you can identify with is a great thing!!!

Also, do you have any things that you want to see on my blog? Russian recipes? Russian pictures? Let me know if you have suggestions!


perrinministries said...

It seems that John has learned what we've said for years: Old rock n' rollers never die... they just tour Europe!

Elizabeth said...

Maybe you could combine your blogs again and just give the Nuggets posts a special heading. I always think it's interesting when blogs have varied content.

I think you do a good job of explaining cultural, spiritual, and everyday issues. If you notice something during the day, make a note of it and soon you'll have a list of ideas for your blog! That's what I do.

Mary said...

Post some Russian recipes please.

Anonymous said...

Sr_Egor said...

I think the blog Rocks the Hizouse, even more than Bizmarkee. Any old school rappers coming through?