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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Greetings from Estonia!

This is part of our group minus four members---John, Matthew, Christina, and Olga.(Thanks to Elizabeth for the pic!)

Please click here to see some other pics...we actually saw these!!      I wish I could post it here, but I don't think that's allowed:).    If you don't know where Estonia is located, like our two bank tellers didn't and me too before living overseas, you can learn more information!!
Here's some history---in a nutshell...from the above link:
Estonia, the smallest of the Baltic States, was ruled for many centuries by Danish, Swedish, German, and Russian factions. Historically, it has been attacked, sacked, razed and pillaged on numerous occasions

When the former Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, it gained its long-awaited independence. Subsequently, the somewhat new country of Estonia is now forging modern relationships with the west, including the (EU).

The local economy still revolves around varied agricultural industries. Recently, however, tourism has increased, as it's become a popular cruise ship destination because of the medieval architecture and the history of its charming capital city of Tallinn.