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Friday, March 12, 2010

December--Finland trip

This was our trip to Finland from December.  The kids really enjoyed it, except for Matthew--he did not like the extreme cold.  On the way back, we put the seat down to a bed so the kids could sleep--I know---we aren't in Kansas anymore!

We stayed at a friend's "Sauna" house in Finland---she lit special ice candles on the porch.  We went to a church that was hewn from rock, road sleds, lived simply--light fires, cooked on a wooden stove--John rocked!  The house was kept warm by a fireplace and a small amount of heat from heaters.  It was an experience!  The floor that we slept on was up those stairs--and yes, if you think they look steep, they felt even steeper!  Our friend showed us how to come down and go up ---yes, there was a particular way to do it so you didn't fall.  Let's just say, it wasn't very lady-like!  I felt like a cowboy, every time I had to go up!

This border trip was the worst---we were in line for 7 hours on our way into Finland and 5 on our way was crazy!  John was super patient!!

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