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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Current Post---the Here and Now

I have officially printed my blog up to here!!!  Seems like I've been writing a blog for a lot longer than I really have-but I now have 2007-2010 blogged and printed-in two hard bound books.  I will now start my summer pics--yep, I'm behind, but it won't take me long.  I'm not an obsessive camera person.  Give me a few weeks and you will be updated for hopefully 6 months!!

We are back in the states, now for almost 6 months...we are stationed in Longview, Tx...listen to my military words.  Nope, not in the military, per se, but we do feel like nothing is ever permanent where the Lord's stationing is concerned.  So, for now, we are here and John is now the happy owner of "Bull Consulting."
I'm his secretary, but I don't do much yet...but you just wait til I get paid--hehe!!  I think I need a Christmas bonus just for sitting!  He is doing some engineering for his parent's subdivision and has been learning via Casey 3-D Cad drawing---he is so impressed with what it can do!  We have some great friends on this street and great family too.  I find the highlight of going out is--seeing someone we know!  We are so proud when we do.  You see, when we leave our street, we only really know a hand full of people in Longview! I have seen a praise and worship pastor at a local g-store and we ran into  friends at Cheddars that are adopting from good ole St. Pete---small world eh?  Good times.  We are linking them up with some of our friends that live there...they go in a short bit to see their little one for the "first" visit!

That's all for now...more later when it's not so late.

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