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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Experiments in Foods for the Bull Fam--

 When in Russia, the girls went to school with many kids from different cultures--that had some scrumptious foods that the moms made from time to time.  If I had one regret that I can mention from Russia-it was not spending enough time with the different moms around me.  I have always said that I would try my hand at a "Kim-bob"--spelling???? .  So, here it is.  The girls and I love them, the boys can pass.  I want to do this again sometime.
 The second thing that I experimented with was my barbecue tacos, like On the Border's Brisquet tacos.  The only difference was I used turkey instead of meat.  I fried up some skinny onions --with my own batter!!  They were yummy!!!  Everyone who ate them agreed...even Matthew!

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