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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Found Dog, Turtle, Cat,Tadpoles, and Frog...

These are the friendly critters that my kid's have adopted over time. The tadpoles are not pictured, but they are growing right along in the garage! Enrique, the neighborhood cat, is not pictured either, but I will soon add him. He's not ours, but many of us neighbors, especially our street pet-lover, Mr. Jason, takes good care of this very sweet cat.

Shelly is the turtle, and today the frog, Stickers,was let go--we told them that if we move, the frog and tadpoles stay that helped the decision. The dog will either go to his owner--if they are ever found---or the pound on Monday.


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i used to hold toads when i was little...they'd pee on my hands...i swear that's what gave me warts hahaha i hate frogs now!!!

Savories of Life said...

It is so great living in a little bit of country and finding animals, When ever we find a stray dog --- well there goes everytihng else. Come on over. I would love you to follow my blog and your daughter too!