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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Japanese Food Night and Blackberry Bliss

We decided about 2 months ago to pick a country to cook their kind of food and pray for them at dinner...our first pick was Japan, because of the recent Tsunami.  So, we made sushi balls...stuffed with grilled fish.  They were super yummy!  

The recipe that I had said to use seaweed, which Katie and Melissa used, but I thought I could use spinach...didn't work...but it was a yummy salad for me on the side.
No seaweed and no spinach--happy Matthew!
The girls were making their rice balls.

We found some blackberry bushes on John's parents' land--thanks to our neighbor, Renea.  So, we all went pickin' and I made us some cobbler---so yummy!  We went again a few weeks later, and I made jam with that batch---talk about goodness!!

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Sr_Egor said...

It doesn't get much better than fresh picked blackberry cobbler!!!
When i was growing up there were several wild black berry patches in the neighboring "woods". I'd pick them til my hands turned purple and mamma would always make me a blackberry cobbler.