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Friday, December 30, 2011

Visit with the Naumov's

Recently, we went into Dallas to collect a few last things that we have stored at people's houses while we were in Russia and this last year.  We were able to stay the night with some of our friends from church---they are a Russian family that began in Moscow, but moved over to Dallas when their firstborn came along.  We have learned some Russian from them, but most of all, we have developed a friendship and bond with our Russian ties.  They have two boys--and they are super fun to's something that I treasure---no one is nervous around each other.  I know as our girls grow up , they may feel weird interacting with boys that they see from time to time, but not with the Naumovs.  I love that!  The boys are amazing on the piano...boy of them take lessons and I could listen to them all day!   This is our scrumptious breakfast Sunday morning!!

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