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Monday, August 27, 2012

That "day" has come

When John and I got married, I looked for a teaching job and found one that started in less than a week from my interview---it was not the classiest of positions---I didn't have a classroom, I traveled with a cart to each class.  I taught math and science in 8th grade and was severely warned that this was a hard position for a first year teacher or any teacher.  Boy, was that year rough?!!  I learned a lot about people, forgiveness, patience, pregnancy hormones(My supervising teacher had a super bad day one day and took it out on the first year teacher--me---and I felt very relieved the next year to find out she was pregnant:) --it explained everything),  and much more.  That was 16 years ago.  I taught for 4 years, then stopped the day I went into labor with our first child(Friday before a spring break---great timing!). 

Through the years, I've thought  and wondered time and time again...would I ever work full time again?  For the last couple of years, I have worked for my mil as a kind of secretary...very part time(3-5 hours a week).  I've learned a lot about taxes, money and more!   I am very grateful for that experience.  But, now, it's time for full time teaching!!! 

I start in-service days today at a local Christian school.  Although I've never taught at a Christian school, this is my "return" to the working/teaching world!    My kids will all come with me this year and either be in my class at some point or down the hall.  Tomorrow night is Parent Orientation...and I think back to all my PO's in the past...and I was a lot younger and NOT a mother!  Funny to look back on those years.  I met some of the nicest people teaching in Plano, and I will never forget them.  I will now be working with a totally different set of teachers, but I feel at home with them already, having worked with some of them over the summer getting the "new" campus ready.  I have my very own classroom, and more resources than ever!!
Exciting times!!  My classroom also has blinds, thanks to the good Doctor!! :)  Thanks George!

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