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Sunday, September 23, 2012

My days...

Since starting my new job, building our house, and life, I am finding I am busier than I was even in Russia--that was when I just thought, "I've never been busier!"
Well, our house is coming along...I still must figure out how to upload my photos from my phone...the progress is amazing to me, and so is my husband!!!  He has painted, caulked, worked and worked more!
My job---it's hard, but  I love teaching.  I love being by my kids and even teaching two of my kids!  My kids are loving "school."  If they didn't, what I am doing would be too overwhelming!  I am learning new things every day about life science and earth science.  The math--nothing new so far, except something called "casting out nines."  It's a method of checking your math problems to see if they are correct.  I find that checking takes as much time as just redoing the same problem and checking for the same answer!  Hmmmm.  I have wonderful students---they make me smile:). 

My day---wake up at 5:30---I love waking up early---I love the me--"my father's daughter" or just plain weird?  I do laundry, fix my coffee, take a shower, have my quiet time, put dinner out on the counter in c-pot or just to have ready,  check my email and even facebook, if I have time and then, we are all out the door at 7:30!  I teach from 8:30-2:30, then I have an off period.  I usually stay till at least 5 with my kids...working on my lessons or grading or copying.  Somedays, I get nothing done after school b/c of the girl's volleyball playing.  I come home, cook or just have dinner ready from the lovely crockpot.  At 8, everyone makes their lunch.  I prepare my coffee, get dinner out to thaw, and relax if I have the time!  Bed by 10!  Rinse, know the drill....this goes on till Friday---on which I start relaxing til Saturday night or afternoon---work 3 hours on school and take a Sabbath rest---til Sunday evening!!! 
There you have it!!  My days!  Oh, and somewhere in all this, I go see our house in progress and help John work on it on the weekends and clean house and do more laundry!!

Spoki Noki for now!! (sweet dreams in Russian slang!)

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